Monday, September 25, 2006

Just call me 'sensei'..

I have been called by many names in the past.. Mat Jan.. Jan.. N.. MatN.. AFO.. Pojan.. Zan.. Jyang.. Ajan.. Abang and since January 13th, Abah.. :)
While the one's that made me felt uneasy were.. Lolok.. Bengkak.. Pau.. just to name 3.. hehe..

But now, after living on this blue planet for almost 28 years.. I decided from now on, my nickname would be 'sensei'.. why? simple.. because I have grown fond of my student's calling me 'sensei'.. eventhough I'm no longer teaching some of them Nihongo (Japanese language) ! There's a sense of accomplishment & rasa bangga when someone refers to you as 'a teacher'.. and coming from a line of educationers (my grandfather was a Maktab lecturer, my late father was a lecturer in the education's faculty and my mother was a teacher), I think it's not just in my DNA but I do strongly believe that the most nobel occupation in this world is being teaching.. tak kisah la if it's in a classroom or informally.. I don't know what others might say (we see many complaints coming from teachers in the papers lately) but I find teaching to be a wonderful feeling.. just to be able to mold those 'young minds'.. :)

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