Thursday, October 19, 2006

Funny Jews

I think of myself as a funny guy.. and I do enjoy making people laugh..
I consider it as a mental exercise of some sort as you really need to squeeze those creative juices to come out with a good joke or one liners..
So, with that in mind, let me share with you my Top 5 for Most Funniest Comedians..

#1 Adam Sandler

#2 Jack Black

#3 Wayne Brady

#4 Jerry Seinfeld

#5 Jim Carrey

Of cos I also find Robin Williams and the late John Ritter as great natural comedians..

Actually since Jim Carey ventured into more serious roles, he has fallen from my ranks as I really hate seeing comedians of his calibre 'trying' to be an actor.. same goes for Robin Williams. I hope they'll make a 'comeback' with a over the top comedy soon..

Anyway.. what's REALLY 'interesting' is.. did you noticed that of my top 5, 3 of them are JEWS?
Hmmm.. kind of makes you wonder doesn't it.. are Jews (the race, not religion) really funny people or are they born with a 'special' DNA combination that makes their mind a bit 'wicked'? I always regard comedians as geniuses.. they have the ability to twist everything they see and make it hilarious..

I even went on Wikipedia to do a minor research and found there was a special category for Jewish American comedians.. and guess what, there 119 pages of them!!

It really bothers me as I do enjoy watching these funny Jews.. I mean you still have to uphold your principles but at the same time you should appreciate good talent (that's God's gift).. and Adam, Jack & Jerry are really REALLY FUNNY!! :)
Hmmm.. maybe I shouldn't take things too seriously.. kan? Besides, its only entertainment.. and entertainment is not the main thing in life.. ;)

Anyways, on local grounds, I consider this dude as being really amusing whenever he's on TV.. :)

Hah.. made you laugh! See.. I knew this dude was funny!

Disclaimer : This entry is for humor purpose only. Discretion advised for readers with no funny bones.

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