Wednesday, October 11, 2006


When I was small, I was nuts over VOLTRON..
Then in 1985, SAGA came out and I was excited for PROTON..
Of late, I have to admit.. I'm addicted to Indonesian SINETRON!! :P

Puas difikirkan why I prefer sinetron to local Malaysian series.. usually people would say Malay dramas are crap.. well, these Indon made stuff ain't that much better either.. and to be fair, let me say that there really are some 'grabbers' on our local telly.. hey, I was hooked on NATASHA too.. :)

So, what is it then?
Appart from the 'naturally good looking' cast, I'd have to say the obvious - it's in the story!.. No, not the jalan cerita but the 'good-is-TOO-LAME-good-and-bad-is-REALLY-BAD-A$$-evil' story.. simple as that!

You see, in life we have too many grey areas.. we don't need that complicated stuff fed to us 24-7 on TV.. we got the office for that.. :D
And the thing is, TV is not like the movies where you pay and choose what type of story you want to be served to you.. because on movies you get to let loose and be free for a few hours.. art film, action heros, romantic comedy, apa-apa pun boleh la.. but TV is more to 'safe & general'.. TV is assuming what everybody wants, not considering the minority.. that's why there's no 'coloured friend' in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. now you see why the show ran for ages..?

So, to get more people hooked, they (the TV drama making people) should consider these 10 points..

1- Get rid of those few seconds of slapstick/filler characters consisting 'Indian dude' and 'Chinese apek'

2- Good characters must be so naive that they can't think what's best for them

3- Villains are allowed to be bad up until they die or atleast the last 3 minutes of the entire series

4- Please PLEASE get veterans to play old characters

5- In accordance with the above, PLEASE get teenagers to play teenagers!! Rosyam Nor does not look like a form 5 student when he shaves!!

6- GREAT OPENING THEME SONG!! <-- refer 'Tujuh Tanda Cinta' that uses Dewa's Cintailah Cinta

7- Use real life dialogues! adlib adlib! we don't want to hear "saya tidak mahu lah", we want "takmo aah"

8- PROPS!! its all about the minor details.. hallooo.. orang bujang tak duduk rumah banglo, makan kat hotel & naik MERC laa.. refer P. Ramlee's Bujang Lapok (those days takde TV, so movies = mainstream entertainment)

9- Improve those 'in the car scenes' or just avoid them totally..

10- CLIFFHANGERS will always get them back!!

I know, easier said than done.. tapi kena la try buat.. kan?

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