Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Of notalgic Ramadhan moments..

Funny how time flies.. Ramadhan has reached its home streach..
and just a few days ago I came across one of my prized collection form a Ramadhan 11 years ago.. Wow!! 11 tahun tuuu...

Just in case you guys out there are too freakin' young to remember, this quartet was called Feminin.. they started out as 5 but Along left the group due to 'personal matters' and the rest carried on..

I was a Feminin 'groupie' back then.. wen't to almost every accessable appearance from mall promos, Muzik Muzik live telecasts and even their album launch (special invitation tuuu).. Man, was I crazy those days.. hihi.. But the highlight was an invitation from Abang Edd to a buka puasa session at their office in Taman Melawati.

Abang Edd who now works as a secretary for Air Asia's big guns knew me from all of my 'visits' and invited me over.. he had my contact no from the 'lyrics' I submitted to him (try to find that and post it one of these days). During the phone call I didn't hesitate to say 'YES!' and hopped on (literally) the next bas mini 20.. Ahh those mini buses were sooo 'KL'.. and quite strange that semua orang tak kisah paying 60sen even just to stand at the steps of the door.. hehe..

The gals had just finished a photo shoot so they still had thick make up on..
Off the bunch, Deq Nor was my fav.. who last I heard is happily married and a mother of 2 now.. dah bertudung dah, alhamdulillah.. As (who's now married to Azman Adnan.. damn! :P) always kept her cool and her sis Watie (now works in Air Asia Indonesia) was just like in the mags - clueless and goofy at times.. hehe..
I couldn't eat much as I was overwhelmed with excitement.. hey, mind you these guys were BIG back then.. Siti mana ada lagi time tuu.. but Yatie (mana dia sekarang??) and Dee Boyz (I'd love to see what these dudes looks like now.. hehe) were really friendly and layan me like I was a kawan lama.. kitorang sembang (I remember one of them commenting on my wrist watch - jam digital tapi tali kulit.. go figure.. hehe) until the office was about to close.. Abang Edd dropped me off on their way back.. It really made my day & I really thank them for such a wonderful memory..


Apart from that 'close encounter', there were alot of other good memories that also happen in my life during Ramadhan.. especially during my Japan years.. maybe kalau teringat lagi nanti, I'll blog it.. Insyaallah :)

Sayang Ramadhan datang setahun sekali and the mood sets in me only towards the end.. Hmmm... I really need to improve on that..

p/s: I forgot to scan the pic from that buka puasa, I'll do it later - in another entry.. ;)

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Anonymous said...

wow, bestnya dpt tgk feminin live.
tp baik nye si Ed tu sampai VIP-ed ko and personally hantar balik ek?