Friday, October 13, 2006

small world..

I just thought of it.. ALOT of my Chinese buddies over the years are either named Tan, or comes from Kedah.. The TAN's include.. KL Tan, PK Tan, Ah Teck (WT Tan), SY Tan.. not forgetting Piau (PK Than).. and the Kedah ones are Tan Teik Wei (my 'junior' at Hakodate), Ooi Siew Nge & KB Loh (both ex-colleague) and Lee Chee Siang (new addition to SHARP work force)..

Since TAN is a surname, I guess there's something in their DNA combination that makes them compatible with me.. and I guess those people in Kedah must have been doing something right because environment plays a big part in shaping a person's personallity.. :)

Note: To those I didn't mention here, please don't feel bad.. you guys are great too.. ;)

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