Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2 days to go...

The "big day" is approaching fast.. and I haven't deceded what to wear yet.. yikes!

So, to get some ideas, I've been 'revisiting' what I wore for the annual dinner in past years.. I didn't allocate any budget for clothes this year as I used up all my spare change for music equipments and studio rentals.. :P

Drum roll please!! hehe..


Theme : Colourful Nite

I just joined the company & was still 'geeky'.. "lurk before you leap".. hehe.. the lady beside me is Kak Shari from accounts department.. she would later become my neighbour..


Theme : Batik Nite

Got a little bolder.. Went up to sing Roy's "Ratnaku" (it wasn't a competition back then).. I thought I should have won the 'creative dress' award.. hihi


Theme : Elegant Nite

Absent.. I had lost my voice for over a month, so I thought since I woundn't be singing, why bother going.. :P


Theme : Rock Nite

My big comeback! Sang Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name".. Won karaoke & creative dress.. Got married few days later.. haha..


Theme : Orange & White Nite

Had high expectations but fell short.. 3rd place karaoke after singing Kembara's "Hati Emas".. Seen here with creative dress winner Edmond - he left the company soon after..


Theme : Night of Excellence

Probably my last with this company.. hope the band would blow everybody away.. keep tuned in for the review, probably next week!

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Inaesb said...

Good luck with your mix-match :) And your singing!