Thursday, December 21, 2006

What drives you..?

(David Lee Roth on vocals)

[Guitar Intro] <-- real classic!

Oh yeah!

Jump back, what's that sound?
Here she comes, full blast and top down
Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue
Model citizen, zero discipline

Don't ya know she's coming home with me
You'll lose her in that turn
I'll get her!

Panama, Panama
Panama, Panama

Ain't nothin' like it, her shiny machine
Got the feel for the wheel, keep the movin' parts clean
Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue
Got an on-ramp comin' through my bedroom

Don't you know she's coming home with me
You'll lose her in that turn
I'll get her

Panama, Panama
Panama, Panama

[Guitar Solo] <-- killer!

Yeah, we're runnin' a little bit hot tonight
I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off
You know what I'm sayin'
Ahh, I reach down between my legs n' ease the seat back

She's runnin', I'm flyin'
Right behind in the rearview mirror now
Got the fearin', power steerin'
Pistons poppin', ain't no stoppin' now

Panama, Panama
Panama, Panama
Panama, Panama

This song is a great BGM (background music that is) if you need that 'boost' while driving.. Now, some may think its about getting it on with a sexy girl but I prefer the car theme, hence the connection.. Diamond Dave is great at writing such lyrics.. nearly as good as my hero Mr Tyler - Steven that is..

And while we're on the subject of cars.. I'm thinking of doing some cosmetic touch ups to my red compact which may include white sports rim, smoked headlamps and Van Halen's 'Frankenstrat'(black-white-on-red) on the hood.. What do you guys think?

Van Halen's 'Frankenstrats'

sensei's Vi


*cosmic freak* said...

you're BIG on red eyh. hehe.

sensei said...

Yup.. I'm a red junkie.. but I don't wear much red.. doesn't suit my skin.. :P

Inaesb said...

All you need now is that elusive Enzo..hehe

-Zi¥├źn- said...

your vi? red ohh..

"white sports rim, smoked headlamps "

you're sure? hmm...i really dunno what to say =)
i am not very car-ish...can't help =P

sensei said...

If I ever get it done, I'll be sure to post a picture here.. hihi ;)