Monday, January 15, 2007

Just my day..

Every once in a while we all face one of those days where you just feel like screaming your lungs out.. Today was mine.. at it's only 10am!! :P

As my daily routine goes, I'd always log-in 1st thing in the morning to see what my fellow bloggers were up to.. I'd leave a comment to show my support or if I got something to say about the subject.. but today, I found out that they (my office) had somehow blocked the comment section.. I could still read the comments though not as convinient (had to click on the title of the post first).. but still it had spoiled my mood for the morning..

And so I went to the pantry to eat my breakfast, like any other day.. but noooo.. as I was taking my 3rd bite, one of the Japanese boss stepped in and said to me "Fauzan, no eating during working hours".. I was speechless.. What the..??!! Atleast I'm eating at the pantry, not in the air-conditioned office! Now, I don't smoke, so I don't go to the pantry every 10 minutes to smoke.. I only go there ONCE in the morning to and ONCE in the afternoon mainly for snacks.. Is that so bad? Seesshhhh..

I was saving this of another day, but I guess today is just as good to share it with you guys.. And to think I was actually looking forward to go to work this wet Monday morning..

P/S: I might not be able to reply any comments for the moment.. Damn!!

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