Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year, New Me.. part 1

This is my first post for 2007.. :)
I'll be updating on what had happen during my 'absence'..
Hard to believe 2 weeks went by so fast.. :P

23 Dec 2006, Saturday

Went out on a date with my wife to celebrate our 2nd anniversary a day early.. was schedule for a movie but got caught up with something else and ended up buying a new laptop.. also managed to 'persuade' my wife to buy me 3 CDs, Aerosmith's Devil's Got A New Disguise, Motley Crue's Red White & Crue and INXS' Definitive.. they were a bargain! :)

FYI, I got my wife a Smart Tag kitt.. so she could have a more pleasant drive to and back from work

24 Dec 2006, Sunday

Went to Penang.. Last minute decision to visit my uncle (Cik Din) who had been warded for over a week due to kidney failure.. I also took it as a way to prepare myself mentally to be warded for my septhoplasty a few days later.. I planned to leave the house at 4am and come back on the same day, but had to delay almost 3 hours partly because I woke up late.. hehe.. The journey was pleasant with BGM courtesy of the new CDs.. hehe..

We made 2 stops - 1 because 'nature called me' and the 2nd for breakfast.. The R&R was refreshing and clean but I can't remember the name of the place.. Arrived in Penang quite early, just before 11am.. we took the bridge.. Has a nostalgic moment when I passed the midway mark as I was reminded of "Larian Jambatan Pulau Pinang" which I ran with my late father back in 1985/1986..

At the R&R - Amani tension terjaga dari tidur..

sensei's Vi was 'hungry' by that time and I had to fill her up before going to the hospital.. we had already passed the hospital and I was totally sure where it was
when the unthinkable happen.. We couldn't turn right at the junction and this caused us to make a big circle and I lost my way.. We were spinning around for about
an hour before we found the hospital again.. Damn those "Jalan Sehala" signs!!.. hehe..

When we finally got there, Cik Din was looking better and could already walk on his own again.. but he looked tired and had lost quite a number of KGs.. I always had a soft spot for him as he did live with my family during his bachelor days and more like a brother to me.. He was also the 1st to come to KL when he heard about my father's condition and offered to donate his bone marrow when half of my father's siblings didn't even want to take the test.. Cik Din is a quiet but very kind man.. such a big heart he has, and this incident has really come at the worst possible time - going to school preparation at it's peek (Cik Din has 4 out of 5 kids going to school this year)

Cik Din showing where the dialysist tube goes to - People, PLEASE take care of your health!

We spent most of the day at the hospital sembang-sembang.. We had lunch at a Nasi Kandar restaurant near by.. Pehhhh... Dah lama tak makan nasi kandar!! I could still smell the curry.. <-- something I planted in my head in case I lost my sense of smell after my operation... :P Like I said the original plan was to go back the same day but since we were at the hospital until late afternoon, plus some persuasion we stopped by my auntie's house at Seberang Prai for the night.. We took the ferry this time around.. I haven't been on one since.. hmmmm.. almost 10 years.. Most of the ferries are older than me and it was quite scary to see all the rusted parts.. as people we enjoying the evening breeze, I was checking out where the life jackets were.. hehe..

All aboard!!

Good bye Penang..

25 Dec 2006, Monday

Got up early and left for KL around 9ish.. Met Tun Mahathir and Tun Hasmah at Tapah R&R.. I was headed for the loo (my family was looking for seat at the food court) when I saw a crowd in front of a fruit stall.. Didn't trust anyone hold my handphone and took a picture of me and Tun so I just shook his hands (salam cium tangan.. lembut betul tangan dia.. hehe) and snapped this picture..

The TUNs.. Still going strong

No other highlights for the day.. :)

To be continued..

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shit! dapat jumpe Tun Mahathir!! bestnyeee.. ape die buat kat situ? balik kampung ka? kekeke