Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Year, New Me.. part 2

Cronicles of my operation.. :P

-- Disclaimer --
Some of the visual my be gruesome, readers discretion advised

26 Dec 2006, Tuesday

After the 'mental preparation' session in Penang, I was admitted to Selangor Medical Center (SMC).. My appointment with the Dr Satwant was at 11am, took my sweet time.. had to shave off my 1 year old misai.. It was my 1st time being warded so I didn't know what to expect.. food was okay, I cleared up my 1st meal within minutes (something I couldn't do for the rest of my stay there).. A doctor came to see me later that afternoon.. she was the pakar bius.. she said she'll see me the next day in OR but I never did saw her.. :P

Smile while you still can.. hehe

My name is not Ahmad Fauzan Satwant!

The day went slow as I had nothing to do.. and I found out the night was even worse as I had to be extra patient with the other patients in that 4 bedded room.. The guy next to me is the 'Menteri Kerjaraya'.. I call him that because his phones kept ringing every time I was about to dozed off.. call tak putus-putus! After the fixed line, handphone pulak bunyi.. this went on until 2am at times.. :P

The guy in front was the 'Pengacara Sukan'.. He's constantly switched on to ESPN.. at full volume! Imagine trying to sleep with 'live from the stadium sound'..

The guy next to him was okay unless he has visitors.. He's an elderly man (diabetic, amputee) so he constantly gets visits from his big family.. which most of them don't even know each other.. I know this because they had no volume control too.. or maybe perhaps they talk loud because they couldn't hear their own voice over the 'live from the stadium sound'.. hehe

Despite all that and my nervousness, I still managed to get some shut eyes that night..

Still smiling.. don't we look very much alike? ;)

27 Dec 2006, Wednesday

Operation day.. Nurses came early to drop off my 'attire'.. I was confused whether to tie the knot in front or at the back.. :P
Got to watch MHI and saw Misha Omar's Nafas Cahaya.. Nafas.. hmmm.. macam petanda pulak.. hehe.. At around 9-something they brought me to X-ray.. no, not for my nose but my lungs.. it seems that they are worried about my cough.. I've had it for over a week.. my Doc says it because of the blockage and the nanah has reached my throat or something nasty like that.. From X-rays, I went straight to OR.. The stretcher was waiting for me and I was wheeled in soon after.. Managed to salam and mintak maaf to my mom and wife.. It was around 9:40am..

See you on the flipside!

Inside was the OR-waiting-area.. this is where the patients wait for their turn.. I was not yet under medication but was already feeling sleepy.. hehe.. there was a patient already snoring while the aunty next to me was being explained of the anesthetic by a Doc.. I had to wait a good 20 minutes before entering the actual OR..
the Doc explain more or less the same thing he said to the aunty and his assistant poked me with a needle.. then he injected the anesthetic and put the mask over me..
The Doc asked to breathe normally and as I heard them talking about a dinner and some kind of collection....... I heard voices of my Doc and someone mentioning my name.. I remember shaking his hands.. felt pedih kat hidung.. I was on my side thinking "what happen?", "It must be over by now".. I tried to open my eyes and searched for the clock on the wall.. I had missed about an hour of my life!!
I remembered the nurses mentioning about blood and they changed my clothes.. I felt very cold and was shivering like Jack in Titanic.. seriously! They cleaned up the blood on the oxygen mask and as I was stable (from being cold) they let me lie on my back (45 degrees upright).. It felt like someone had made a punching bag out of my face and I felt like they've pulled out all my front teeth.. Soon another patient was being wheeled in and as that guy vomited, I did too.. :P I'm a known lover of red colour, but seeing a kidney bowl full of blood red liquid is not something I'd like to see again.. :P They waited a good 20+ minutes or so before someone came to fetch me back to the ward.. My mom and wife was just outside the door rupanya.. I thought they were waiting at the ward.. feels good to have your loved ones at that time.. :)

The next few hours was like hell.. had a headache the size of Stadium Bukit Jalil and my face felt sengal.. the things I mention above also didn't help much.. 'live from the stadium sounds' was killing me!! I couldn't recall much what happened that day but Cik Ju (my mother's sister) came with grapes.. it was the only thing I could and wanted to eat.. then later that night Blind Sight member Zafi came with Kak Ju.. my wife stayed on to look after me as I was still dizzy & weary..

Damn, I sooo wasted.. hehe

I little part of me.. Don't ask, I don't know where it came from either.. :P

28 Dec 2006, Thursday

Woke up almost every hour that night.. I figured I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep.. The headache was still there and my face still felt like I was the looser in Contender.. My friend Ms Tay who is also my insurance agent came to visit around lunch time.. see help me out to get a 2 bedded room and finally I got to rest in a peaceful environment.. My brother-in-law came with my mother-in-law later that day.. my niece cried seeing the plaster on my nose.. hehe.. Cik Ju also dropped by on the way going back to kampung for Raya.. yeah Raya Haji, I totally forgot about that.. hehe.. My mom came and my wife went back home.. she hadn't had a decent rest since yesterday and had to work the next day.. I totally appreciate her devotion and sacrifice.. My love for her has grown more and I promised myself to treat her better in the future.. (syy.. don't tell her that, malu la.. hehe) Ohh.. and Syamson also came to visit.. he brought some grapes.. :)

By the way, Dr Satwant came with some bad news that day.. he said I'd probably be in until Saturday.. the pain in my face felt worse after hearing that.. :P

Dressing change - Hey! I was not checking her out OK!?

29 Dec 2006, Friday

I was dreading the day.. I was only looking forward to the Doc to take out the 'tampon' in my nostril and hope that he'd let me go back home.. My boss came with the company driver to visit.. he had to go to KL and dropped by on the way back to the office.. that was kind of him..

Doc came around 2pm.. with a tug, the tampon was out and blood was squirting out.. He said all have to do is to apply 15-20mins of pressure on my nose to make it stop..
Then, he gave me the best news the whole day - I could go back for the holidays as he too wouldn't be in.. he asked me to come back early Wednesday morning.. there was another plastic thingy that was needed to be removed.. Home sweet home!! My wife came straight after work and drove us back.. I wanted to drive but the weren't sure if I could.. hehe.. We stopped at the mamak stall to 'tapau' Nasi Goreng Ayam as I had a craving for it.. ;)

Look at the size of that thing! How the hell did they put it in in the first place?

30 Dec 2006, Saturday

Nothing much happen.. Went to Giant.. still had some nose bleed, it was really annoying so I bought a few masks.. :P

31 Dec 2006, Sunday

Hari Raya, or something like that.. didn't do anything special.. my sister came and cooked Nasi Ayam Lebanon.. her in-laws also came to visit.. Finally got to watched Star Wars Episode III on Astro that night.. Didn't notice it was already 2007.. hehehe...

One thing I have to mention.. after watching Episode III, I had a slight revaluation of my life.. I could really relate to Skywalker Sr... besides, the way Darth Vader breathe reminded me of how I sounded like in the hospital.. Huuuuu huuuu... <-- through the mouth that is.. hihi
Anakin was talented and had a chance to be 'the One' but he was too eager to a be a Master Jedi and couldn't control his emotions.. Acting on emotion is what destroyed Anakin and those who were important to him.. it felt like I've been doing that alot lately.. I don't want to slip further into the 'dark side'.. I've spend most of 2006 with a negative perspective and 2007 should be a good point to start making that change.. That was my first new year's resolution.. ;)

To be continued..


creativeslave85 said...

hehe i think the part where the nurse put u up 45degrees is like the part where darth vader first came up and breathing 'hhuuuhhh hhuuuhhhh'..haha classic

ish hope i'll never have to go in an OR :(

sensei said...

Haah, betul tu!
Agaknya masa dlm OR kalau pandang dari atas pun ala scene Darth Vader being put together.. haha..

*cosmic freak* said...

errr ... I was having my breakfast and thought, owh, okay, why not drop by duniamat to check out sensei's posts.

sooooo not good idea..

altho I was forewarned with the disclaimer, I was, "ala ... apa la yang gruesome sgt, tgk gambar lebanon dibedil biasa je" ... ignored the disclaimer.

sooooo not good idea...

hahaha. but ... yeah, how the hell did they put those stuff in your nose??? takde ke amani tgk gambar bapak dia? heh.

I wished I had some pictures when I had minor operation to take out 4 of my teeth for my braces. the bius doctor was kinda cute. or was I on drugs at that time that everyone seems cute? heh...

nurses tak best! they changed my drip until the blood went up the drip instead of the water flows inside me. horror! I was too high on drugs that I cudn't care less but my hands were numb.

had 3 experience being warded. athsma attack. orthodontic minor operation. dengue. heh.

dear dally said...

It is gruesome and very extensive description, I almost puke! Now the Ops is for what ? There was no mentioning of the illness. Sigh.. it is Sinus ?

At least u did not scream when the nurse cleanse you. Did u? When I was for my delivery, my room mate shouted at the nurse when she pull out the gauze (Im not sure if they insert tampoon as well)