Friday, January 19, 2007

Who am I..?

Remember this cartoon series?

Well, this has nothing to do with M.A.S.K.. though I was a huge fan and had a handful of the toys.. :) You can read more about M.A.S.K. at Wikipedia.

Anyway, the tag line is something I find to be very interesting..


Which also reminds me of a quote from Jim Carrey's movie The Mask.

"We all wear mask..."

And not to forget a line from Macy Gray's I Try

"But my smile is just a front"

Whether we do it on purpose or not.. we all actually do wear 'mask' in terms of how we portray ourselves.. I'm one who's totally for it.. I mean, it really is common in this world where TV is still a major source of information and entertainment (now why does that reminds me of RTM? hehe).. We see a guy on TV, and what is shown is what we sub-consciously believe as the real him.. Of course we can differentiate acting and reality but in terms of a TV personality, newscaster, morning show host, etc.. well, these guys are mostly hiding their true self from the viewers.. I'm not saying this in a bad way, but that is the fact.. They wear 'mask' in terms of nice (sponsored) clothes, put on a fair amount of make up (facial mask pun boleh masuk sekali le.. hehe) and smiles cheerfully through out the show.. That's also the reason as to why 'reality stars' frequently say that the image on TV is not the real them..

Previously I had mentioned that life is like a movie, and we are the main star.. so, in accordance to that, we are actually actors that play a certain character according to the story.. Which brings to my point --> We actually decide how we want to be receive by others by choosing what mask we wear.. People's perception is not shaped by what we are (or were) but what we present to them there and then.. Batman is Batman because he wears a bat shaped mask not a red one with web design on it.. Kal El is Clark Kent because he chooses to play a nerdy guy - even though he only puts fake glasses on, nobody can figure out he's actually Superman..
So, if you say you are born shy, it is you yourself that put on the 'shy mask' on constantly that makes even new people that you meet believe that you are shy.. creativeslave85 asked me how to come out of 'the shell'.. Well, you actually can come out of it at every new junction in your life.. at every opportunity of meeting new people, put on the different mask.. Why? Because prior to that, they don't know you and their only perception of you is that of that point and so forth.. For example.. when you enter a new class.. even though only one of them is new to you, his/her image of you is not yet shaped until you portray the mask that you have on.. whatever he/she have heard about you weighs noting to actually seeing it with his/her own eyes..

Some may say this is plain hypocrisy here.. well, if that's how you view it, than it is negative la.. besides, hypocrisy is when you lie or have a hidden agenda.. but if you look at it in a positive and honest way, it will help you build your self-esteem..
Another example.. How do you become a good employee? Do you be a good employee by frowning every time being given a new task? Because if that is the mask you're using, then you've just thrown your talents down the drain! People don't see your talent but see your expression first.. So you can be the good employee by behaving like one.. simple as that.. Now, is that bad? YES, if you just smile for 5 seconds and go about saying "to hell with this" in your heart.. but NO if you put on the mask the whole time you're at the office.. play that 'good employee' role when you work because that is what you did during the interview, and that is what the employer wants to see.. portray that 'charismatic leader' front well when you are given a team to lead.. because sooner or later, you'll actually believe that the mask you are wearing is really you - be it positive or negative! Then, when you go home at the end of a bad day, just take off that mask.. at home, you are not the 'employee' anymore.. leave it for the office, tomorrow's another day.. That's the good thing about wearing a 'mask' - you can always take it off and still be yourself when you choose too.. It might scare a few people when you unveil your true self, but that's quite normal.. :) Also.. when you have mastered this, you'll be able to stop judging a book by its cover and give room to allow other people to have that benefit of the doubt.. Nice way to live.. rite?

Ohh.. if you were wondering, yes, I personally try to walk the talk here.. I've been trying to wear a certain mask but at times my emotions have gotten the better of me.. I've not given up hope yet though.. So, although here I'm the 'sensei' in the blog world, don't be surprised if you catch me as the 'gakusei' (student) asking alot of questions somewhere else.. I got a few masks in my bag.. Because illusion is truely a strong weapon... ;)

By the way, did you know that there are at least 3 layers in the Japanese language?
There's the polite language spoken with people who are of upper level than you, there's the normal language spoken with people of the same level and also language used when speaking with people of below your level. And commonly the 'polite language' is used as a barrier if you don't want that person (of the same level as you) to be personally close to you. Means you speak rudely to those who you want to be you friends.. Funny kan?


*cosmic freak* said...

saya suka kartun mask. saya suka yang kereta merah mcm ferrari tu. pintu dia boleh bukak ke atas. dia boss kan?

Inaesb said...

I love the Mask! I still have the action figure! :) Still remember Thundercats, Silverhawk, Transformers? :)

My internet is never gonna come...

weezerie said...

i remember, i got almost all the toys back then...they are abso coolest...