Monday, February 12, 2007

Keras kepala

I don't mean keras kepala as in stubborn.. but I think I really have a hard head (skull) .. though I never did try to prove it by crushing aluminium cans with my forehead or anything like that.. :P

Yesterday as I was installing a light bulb under my staircase and hit my head twice on the stair beam.. Later in the day, I was checking my cousin's mountain bike's front tyre when the bike fell on me and the handle hit my head!! I figure that was the hardest object to hit my head so far..

It kinda reminded me of my classmate when I was in UK.. this 'butthead' somehow thought it would be funny to headbutt me.. so he came out of nowhere and POWW!! I was more suprised rather than anything else.. and he had actually fell down after that and was rubbing his head in pain.. it seems that the joke was on him.. hehe.. Anyway, half of the kids around me was shocked that I didn't seem to have any reaction to being hedbutted, they said the sound was pretty loud.. :P

I'm not saying I have any superhuman powers or anything.. besides, what good does having an extra hard head bring anyway? You still need to wear a helmet when riding a motorbike.. hehe.. Ohh.. and if you were wondering.. Yes, my head still does hurt, though not swollen.. and I seem to be abit blurry & forgetfull today.. I hope it's just a temporary effect.. I got an important interview tomorrow and I can't affort to be blunt.. ;)

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