Monday, February 05, 2007

Life is ironic..

A wise sensei once said to me..
"When you enter the world of employment, you'll face 2 types of co-workers..
1, Those who you can work well with but are not your friends..
2, Those who you consider as your friends with but can't work together with..

I didn't want to believe this as I have faith that I could work well with and be friends with my colleagues.. and I thought those I call "friends from the office" are truly those I can rely on 24-7.. but after being employed for almost 6 years, I finally see it.. it's true, there are only 2 types of "office mates"..

I was "temporary transferred" to a different group since the last few weeks.. Usually in a Japanese company such moves can be considered as a sign that you are no longer of use to the company.. it was common in the Japanese business culture to move around people to pressure them to quit willingly instead of firing them.. I once heard a story that this guy was transferred from one place to another until he ended up with no desk at the office and was told to just read the newspaper.. Lucky (or unlucky) that was not my case (I won't mind being asked to read the papers all day.. hehe).. I was transferred to my department's "All-Stars" group.. I call them the All-Stars because they are doing jobs that are the heart of this company.. their sweat go into the product that we produce.. not to mention they are the top-ranked bonus earners every year and the Japanese bosses are really dependent on them.. a few of them had sent their resignation letter before but the Japanese bosses actually made counter-offers to persuade them to stay on.. they were promoted soon after.. :P

I had always considered myself as the "golden rookie" in my group.. I know I had done well over the years - I did it on purpose, it was my mask.. ;)
but I never considered myself to be as good as one of the "All-Stars".. I know where I stand, I belong to a support group and as good as I may be, I'd never be in the "starting eleven" of the company.. a doomed fate for any support group member.. :P

Due to the nature of my job (being in a support group) I also play the 'joker' card.. I get myself involved in company related activities usually as a committee member.. annual dinners, outings, whatever.. usually my name will pop-up.. I don't mind doing it as I see it as an opportunity to make a change in what others only complain and do nothing about..
A 'wacko' sensei once said "if you want to make this world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change".. ;)

Being 'active' has somewhat made me popular (in a good and bad way - save that for another entry).. it also helped me to make quite a bunch friends from every all ranks.. including the "All-Stars".. I'd hang out with them, chat about non-work related things and I figured that they were OK with me.. until my "temporary transfer"..

Another wise sensei said "Sarang tebuan jangan jolok".. I guess the Japanese boss that came up with the idea of putting me "on loan" to the "All-Stars" group had never watched P. Ramlee movies, because he certainly did jolok the sarang tebuan.. and now my life (in the office) is a mess.. I was put incharge of things that was totally out of my capability and knowledge.. right smack in the middle of the action.. It was like getting an acceptance letter to the military collage and sent straight to Iraq.. THAT bad.. :P
at first I thought I'd just take up the challenge, might just earn me something good in the future.. besides, I was in good terms with the "All-Stars", we're cool....... NOT!!
It seems that people can change within a split second when it comes to work and ranks.. I soon found that I was alone.. my 'former' groups shut me out of any jobs that could bring me back, while my 'new' group just let off to cross the high wire without a safety net..
I guess that's life.. I always dreamt to fly but and right now, on the high wire trying to balance myself.. I just feel like jumping.. Isn't it ironic?

-- spoiler alert --

Talking about ironic.. I finally got to see the ending to Janji Joni yesterday..
It took me over a year to see the ending because of an 'interruption' when I first saw it.. I kinda merajuk and never bothered to find out the ending.. and yesterday (after forgetting the channel and time slot), I saw it at about the same point where I left off.. It seems that in the movie, Joni did failed to deliver the 2nd reel of film and the viewers left the cinema without getting to see the ending of the movie.. Ironic huh?..

Ohh.. and by the way, the girl's name was Angelique.. she did waited for Joni and did saw the ending of the movie together with him.. Voni could only wished she had met Joni earlier..

and guess what?.. You belong to me was used as a BGM in that movie!

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