Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A reason to celebrate?

Today is February 14th.. some people may see it as a day to celebrate what they wish to celebrate.. birthday, anniversary, whatever special occasion that may coincidently fall on this day.. love related or not.. sweet or even bitter memories.. as much as you may not want to acknowledge the day, it is part of the calender and you still have to bare every 86,400 seconds of it.. :)

I didn't have anything to celebrate for today up until around 9.58am.. that was when I called the company which I went for an interview twice with to confirm about some details of the 3rd session.. Yes, they have 3 stages and mind you, the 3rd stage is a practical test where I'd have to do selling role-play, presentation, financial analysis and write a report - all within a 2 hour time frame! Gila betul (and I do mean that in a positive way).. I mean.. you know the company is 'special' when they have the candidates going through such process to be part of them.. :P
Anyway, as I was ready to hang up, the Director (yup, I called her personal line) said that eventhough I haven't gone through the 3rd stage, they are really interested in hiring me and ready to send me an offer letter.. Walauwei, did I really impress them that much?? hehe..

Of course I'm greatful to God (Al-hamdulillah) and I am very much flattered.. but, this is really putting me on the spot.. the pressure is really ON for me to perform at the 3rd interview/test.. I'm sure they have high expectations.. and also not to forget, I have to rush through resigning from my current job.. as I had written in my previous post, I expected myself to submit my resignation letter on the last week of this month.. now it has suddenly moved up by 2 weeks! Pressure or what?? :P


-Zi¥ën- said...

新しい の しごと を おめでとうございます!!
hopefully it's correct =)
what new job is it anyway?

sensei said...

Should be あたらしいしごとおめでとうございます。There's no の between い-Adjective and Noun. Also を is not needed.. :)

The job is trainer/consultant.. it is something that I really want to do.. apart from being a rockstar.. hehe :)

-Zi¥ën- said...

ya hor...oh jap... T_T
still don't reall get what the job is haha...
rockstar? wow.. XD