Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's a beutiful day...

Okay.. I know I've been posting alot of lyrics lately.. but this one is not about the U2 song.. I just want to share my happiness with all of you guys out there..

I woke up at about 6am this morning.. got 3 SMSes in my handphone.. all were sent at about 10.40pm (I fell asleep at around 10.15).. One of the 3 was from my new employer.. basically she said my sister got the job!! My dreams to have my sister join this same company and work together with me has came true!

Let me take you guys back a few weeks ago..

I did know from my mother that my sister was unhappy with her current job.. my mom did ask me to help her out but it never clicked in my head to do anything.. basically it was way too out of my league.. all I could say to my mom was - she need to want it, have to work for it.. all the excuses of the newspaper was hard to get, etc was just rubbish.. I referred to my own experience of being called for an interview because I saw the add (from my auntie's newspaper - I also didn't buy newspapers hehe) and acted upon it.. Sungguh riaknye aku ni..

As time went by and I went through the process of actually wanted to get a new job, I tried and prayed to God at the same time.. In my prayers I'd always ask for the best for me and my family.. even in the interviews, I'd always stressed on the importance of my family to me.. I'm the only son (even though the youngest of only 2) but I know its my responsability to take care of my family.. at that time my sis was in the picture but not top priority..

Then on 1st of March, during the Residential Training session, they showed me this DVD.. It opened up my mind.. I saw it and everything clicked.. I reaffirmed my beliefs in the power of "wanting it".. you see, when you want something (bad), you will visualize having it, then you will ask for it (be it to God, or any other way you're confortable with) and at the end of the day, you'll get it eventually..

As I recall the session, I can say that I actually 'saw' my sister in the room.. I understood now that all the years I had though (but never materialized) about working together with my sister, this is the time that it will actually happen.. this is the venue.. this is the missing link between the two of us (we were never close, even in family gathering we hardly even talked) it was a very emotional moment for me..

That night I called her and we worked on preparing her resume.. it was the longest conversation we had our whole life!! And the next day I passed her resume to my (soon to be) boss.. it was truely a last minute thing, but she managed to squeeze in my sis for the interview..

All I kept saying to my sis was think about actually getting the job.. I went to her house and we talked about the 'opportunity' and watched the DVD together (we were given copies).. Sunday morning I brought her and the whole family to see the place so she could visualize her being there.. We were pumped.. the positive vibe was overflowing..

So, yesterday she went for the interview.. she was the last candidate and my boss had partly committed to getting the other gal.. but my sis must have wanted it more and actually caused my boss to go nuts because for the first time she said that she could not decide between the two..

Our prayers had eventually been answered last night.. :)

Now I'm more excited to start my new job and my energy level is at a new high.. no more turning back, it's all me (and my sis) now.. it's up to us to be more of what we can be..

"You are who you are now because of the past, the future you depends on who you are being now"

p/s: I'm sure my mom is the happiest amongst us - she always wanted us to be closer like other 'normal' brother and sister.. :P

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