Friday, March 09, 2007

Save our kids..

OK.. so the title is a bit over the top.. but still, I believe in safety - Hey, I'm still a safety engineer until my last day here in this company, ok..? :P

I took this picture while stuck in a jam coming home from work.. How many kids do you see riding this 'Bas Sekolah'?

I roughly counted 20! That's 20 lives of our future in that van they call a bus.. And I'm sure none of them (including the 50plus-year-old-looking drive) wore seatbelts.. Damn!!

Putting on safety gears (helmets, seatbelts, etc) is not only to avoid kena saman, it's for your own protection -- try to get that through your not-so-thick-as-you-think skull.. atleast be selfish in that sense laa..


Inaesb said...

Haha..deja vu.. I used to ride a van to my kindergarten ages ago. Yea, having too many packed inside a van can be very dangerous indeed notwithstanding the fact that a van itself is so prone to accidents.

creativeslave85 said...

lesson learned: naik basikal kene pakai helmet,knee guard and special gloves..