Sunday, July 15, 2007

Logically understanding Vs. Emotionally understanding..

The difference between listening to something then saying, "hey.. that makes sense" and feeling it is not the same.. How often do we hear statements, advise and whole lot of other sequence of words that is logically true in nature? And how often do we ourselves say something logically correct but don't really believe in it?

Way before I even had interest in becoming a 'sensei' (Japanese language teacher that is) I had often heard that "teaching is a very rewarding profession".. I know teachers don't make a lot in terms of silver and gold but I've seen the satisfaction in the teachers when they see one of their students become successful in what the student themselves want to achive.. My late father was a teacher and my mother too was a teacher.. So, logically when I started, I understood that if I sincerely teach my students what little I know, I will find that satisfaction..

Recently my class came to a crossroad.. the kids have been learning Japanese for almost 2 years (even prior to me being their sensei) and other commitments started to clash.. some are facing major exams, some are moving on with their lives while some are just trying to figure out what's next.. I had seen it coming so I gave them the power to choose for themselves.. no sales pitch, I just told them to do the right thing for themselves.. with that, 2 of them decided to call it a day..

It was expected and I was cool with it.. but then came the SMS that went straight to my heart.. from a student who occasionally speaks a few words in class...exact letter by letter..

it's been great learning from sensei :)

And at that exact time (19:49:21 - July 14th, 2007), I had emotionally understood the saying "teaching is a very rewarding profession".. Pure gold!!

I can't say anything more......


-Zi¥├źn- said...

lol you need to post that?! =D

Inaesb said...

You're back! :)

I guess it sure makes teaching worthwhile. The teaching profession has taken some flak lately, but I guess there are still real gems out there. ;)