Friday, August 24, 2007

Food for thought..

Been doing some 'self reflection' (hansei, muhasabah which ever you like la) lately trying to figure out why I am the way I am and why I act the way I act... It's hard admitting you screwed up but it's harder to break that habit or as I'd refer to it - addiction...

Most of us are prone to do what we like.. sometimes what we like may not be the right thing to do at that moment in time, but we still do it.. degil!!.. so, why are we so stubborn?
That's the exercise I did and ended up uncovering some dirt under the rug.. I may have started alot of things with the wrong intentions.. I screwed up..

But the important thing is now, where do I go from here? What should I do to get out of the ruts? Hmmm.. I don't know and I'm still trying to figure it out.. balancing everything else at the same time without letting the world know - except you guys who read this la.. hehe..

"Everything has a limit, even human emotions" by Napoleon Bonaparte - a wise sensei indeed..

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