Sunday, August 19, 2007

To have a GOAL...

I had always saw 'goal setting' as just another self-motivation concept.. until today..

Today we had a internal training session to really sit down and look at what each of us really wanted in life.. It was a struggle in itself as when ever something pops up in your head, you had question yourself why you want it... Of course the normal ones came out first like wanting a bigger house, get a slicker car, etc.. but as you go deeper, you find out that it might not make any sense since you already have the mechanism to serve that particular purpose -- maybe you're just not that happy because you're comparing what you have with another person.. see.. "Comparison creates unhappiness"... but the point of the exercise is not to create a 'wish list'.. it's actually going deep inside to reexamine what drives you to work harder, to keep you going on a daily basis and carry on in that persuit of happiness.. that is self-motivation!

It took me a good 3 hours before I could write down the most appealing goal that I want to achieve.. and to get it out of my system was such a relief that my hands was literally shaking as I wrote it in my planner.. I found a new passion for my work!

You see guys, even though a goal is merely the destination that you're heading to.. it is vital to have one as you will be more guided.. and by that you won't waste your energy trying to 'figure out life'.. Instead you'll be more free to enjoy the journey to reach that destination...

Try it by asking yourself..
1) What do I want?
2) Why do I want it?
3) What do I need to do to achieve it?

and then things will become clearer, and you'll automatically be able to move towards that direction without always having to concentrate on where to step next..

as a wise sensei once said "Life's a journey, not a destination".. so let's enjoy the scenery too ;)

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