Monday, October 08, 2007


I posted my 1st blog last year.. September 25th, 2006.. It was titled "Just call me sensei"

Same date this year.. I conducted my first training session.. It was a half day session but never the less, I felt like I had truely become a sensei (teacher).. the module on that day was "Becoming a Star Performer".. Imagine taking on such a huge subject on your 1st trial!! Of coz I had some practice under supervision before but that day I was alone for the 1st time.. seram gak.. hehe

The true test came on my 29th birthday when I had to conduct both morning and afternoon sessions on my own.. bayangkan, dah la puasa, kena conduct training lagi.. Alhamdulillah, overall it went well.. :)

This year's Ramadhan was a totally life changing process.. I had always felt close to it but this year would be one that I'll surely remember.. too much things happening around that it went by so fast.. What I want to carry on with me for the next few remaining Ramadhan days and hopefully till the next Ramadhan onwards is.. Striving to make today better than yesterday...

Teruskan perjuangan Ramadhan ini & Selamat menyambut kemenangan anda di Syawal nanti..

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Inaesb said...

Happy Ramadhan :)