Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's only a stage...

Today's post is my 99th.. And what better to share one of my learnings from a wise sensei that I came to know recently..

This wise sensei is truely a master in his field.. he has been working in his line for 32 years and he was kind enough to pass down his knowledge to me - the so-to-say "chosen one" la.. ;)
The 59-year old man has taken me under his wings and pledged to make me one of the best in this country, and the road ahead seems to be quite tough for me.. :P

Now, what I want to share with you guys here is what he said to me few hours back.. I had asked him how did he managed to keep his sanity after all these years.. The wise sensei said, "Every morning when I shave.. I look into the mirror and remind myself, it's only a stage"..

It got me thinking... we do need that reality check regularly in life as there are many things that we need to do to but at the same time it must not consume you as a person.. because at the end of the day, we don't own anything.. it's only a stage where we need to put on the best show for the audience..

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Sasha Bashir said...

as shakespeare said, 'all the world's a stage, and everyone has their part'. Though I wish some people's roles culd just be written out of the script....