Sunday, May 25, 2008

Of late...

I miss performing..

Ever since James left Sharp and went back to Sabah, I personally felt that that was the end of Blind Sight.. We started with the 'original four' - Jai, Zainy, James and your's truely.. The other 2 came in just for the show and on and off during jamming session Paka (Jai's brother) would join.. It would have been the best line up with the 'original four' + Paka.. but I guess it was not ment to be la..

Last couple of weeks I got a chance to 'let out some steam' by singing in front of a great crowd with Ben the one man band.. It was great but I was on duty, so had to hold back a bit -- actually I went abit over board and jumped off the stage a few times.. haha..

It made me wonder.. what would have happen if I had actually went to the 1st Malaysian Idol audition.. I did registered but didn't went for it as I had a seminar in SIRIM.. alasan je, sebenarnya takut.. hehe.. can't blame myself la, because I was not the same person I am now back then.. well, life goes on..

Anyway, went to test drive the new Perodua Nautica today.. quite a smooth ride but for a 'local' car, price agak mahal sikit la.. Actually I still have to say that my current ride is still better..
But more important is, while in the car, I heard Fall Out Boy's "Beat it".. these guys are really growing on me.. check out the video..

Hmmm... must learn how to upload some of Blind Sight's footages ;)

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