Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aku sedang ingin...

Lately my weekends have been packed with Teambuilding programs..
July looks crazy and I may have to do back-to-back programs..
Stressful? Yes, but 'good' stress...

Along the way, I made friends with Ben the one man band.. Cool dude, very pleasant personality.. my boss loves him, the clients love him.. he gets the party going and with a little help from yours truely, we take it to the next level.. We always have a good time together.. I more or less know his set of playlist already & we're working on a few new songs to play.. the 1st one was "Sedang Ingin Bercinta".. eventhough it wasn't as mind blowing as when Blind Sight did it, nevertheless I had a blast doing that number..

So with this "side project" going on.. I can say I'm pretty happy doing any teambuilding programs during weekends.. Its the weekdays that's killing me.. :P

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Maya said...

different world here..but nice. :)