Saturday, June 07, 2008

The art of procrastination..

I'll be taking a small part in our monthly talk this month.. the topic is about procrastination.. Actually this is my 4th time.. Previously I'll be the 'opener' but this time I'm the 'anchor' -- I'm coming in just before my big boss concludes the topic.. yikes!

The only stressful thing about doing this is the fact that is an open-to-public-thingy which means people of all level and age will be there.. which means that it's extra hard to engage the crowd.. which means logically you can't really get 100% positive reaction -- which bothers me as I always go for 100%.. I beat myself up for even 1 unfavorable remark.. It's all about setting my own expectation standard.. sometimes I set it a bit too high for my own good.. hehe..

A wise sensei once said, "Control the controllable.. and allow time for the uncontrollable".. I say it doesn't really make sense when you talk about procrastination now does it? ;)

I mean, we tend to allow too much time and in the end ending up not doing anything about it..

and isn't that what procrastination is all about? We favor simple, easy and common things.. we avoid things that are difficult, new and complex (unless it's a shopping complex - hehe).. it's all because we are too intelligent in finding 'reasons'... I mean, think about it.. Do animals procrastinate?... they don't, they just do it.. animals know that in the wild, things just has to be done to survive.. we on the other hand find ways to cope either way.. betul tak? :)

I think I have given the topic quite a good thought.. I got my approach angle.. we'll see how it goes.. :)

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