Monday, June 30, 2008

The lost song..

If not mistaken, this was recorded during our final jamming session in 2007.. Never did got a chance to sing 'Pupus' in front of a live audience..

Found a new excitement today.. video upload is fun! :)

p/s: Sorry for the video quality..


andy_azhar said...

sejibik mcm dewa la..

next song plz..ehehe..

weekend ni dtg KL lg..jumpe kat umah mat jan nnt..ok

sensei said...

Bukan Dewa.. tapi DEWAN.. Dewan Section 19 Shah Alam.. hihihi..

FYI, saya kat Seremban sampai sabtu petang..

eryan_emily said...

Wah, what a great song with a nice voice,,I guezz,,hehhe