Thursday, June 05, 2008


In one of the last training sessions, I tried this...
I asked each of the participants to pick their favourite 'SUPERHERO' from their childhood.. The idea is to relate why (as in what are the characteristics) they liked about the 'SUPERHERO' and why not imitate that in doing their daily job...

Some said SUPERMAN.. one mention HULK.. a few picked real life people as their favourite 'SUPERHERO' but most of them didn't quite get it..

Anyways, let's take another look at this idea..

As a child, I always adored SUPERMAN for his super powers.. as a teenager, I shifted and became fond of BATMAN's concepts - brain power rather than super powers.. But if you go deep, you'll actually see the other side to the life of these SUPERHEROS.. SUPERMAN only had his powers on Earth because of the Sun rays or something like that - in other words, he's special because he's unique in this land.. if he was back in Krypton, everybody would be flying around and nobody would take a second look at him - he'll be just another average Jo or should I say, another Clerk (yes, pun intended).. As for BATMAN, the dude is all work, 24-7... yes he does seem to flirt and party around as Bruce Wayne, but still he's actually on duty as BATMAN.. it's just an act.. the dude has no life! Most of his time he's in front of his PC, staying up all night in the cave doing prep work... hmmmm... kinda sounds familiar.. hehe :P

So maybe it is true, you do get live the life of your favourite SUPERHERO.. probably in a different perspective, but the 'universe' does answer for thoughts and make it come true..

Just imagine if you focus on the right thoughts.........

I'd probably be 'flying' right now.. hehe..

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