Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sometimes I amaze myself..

A little get-in-the-basket-and-lift-it-myself story here..

Sometimes I come up with the wackiest ideas when I drive.. some of them actually make sense more than what I normally say during discussions & meetings.. the only problem is, I forget most of it at the end of the day simply because I don't write them down.. see how important it is to have a 'trigger mechanism'?

Anyways.. just now I came up with this quote that I think is pretty brilliant..
"In life, you can't always do what you want and want what you can do.."
which actually ties up with my previous concept of "Life = Dreams + Duties".. of which I came to a conclusion that Dreams are 'positive' while Duties are 'negative'.. and that makes a balanced life..
Example: Makan ayam goreng, sedap = positive.. Jogging, penat = negative.. but you do need both to balance things out, something of that line laa..
Tengok bola sampai pagi, seronok = positive.. esok pegi kerja mengantuk = negative..
Kena kerja lebih masa, takde social life = negative.. hujung bulan dapat income kencang = positive.. Ok la tu.. circle of life.. :)

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