Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Cik Din passed away last Sunday morning at 6.55am..

I was with him the day before but was not beside him when he passed on..
This was really a big blow to me..

He was not only my uncle, but the next best thing to a father for me.. a brother.. a friend..
He used to send me to school..
He taught me how to play badminton.. how to kick a ball properly..
He was there to comfort me when my father passed away..
He was there to celebrate my marriage.. even hosted my Japanese friend that came to visit Malaysia..
He showed be how to be kind to people.. what it means to give & not just take..
Most of the time he taught me how to laugh at my own shortcomings and move on..
He always had a smile on his face.. even when what's left was only his body..

I'll miss him dearly.. Penang won't be the same.. Life won't be the same..



eryan_emily said...

This remind me to someone.. I miss him too

rizal hashim said...

salam saudara,

I read your earlier posting on cik din. Orang yang baik pergi awal.

keep an eye on his children. That is one way of giving back to a man who gave so much.

Al-Fatihah. Takziah.