Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For every love letter written, is another one burned..

I don't know about you guys but I think Steven Tyler is a lyrical genius.. that's why I consider him as one of my 'wise sensei'.. I still remember the first time I heard "Dream On".. had goose bumps.. that line "you got to loose to know how to win" is just classic!

I mean, let's think about it for a while..

The best method of learning is commonly said to be through experience.. Malcolm Knowles eleborated this through 'andragogy' (don't worry, click on the link and you'll know what I'm talking about) but here comes a 16 year old rocker (that was Steven Tyler's age when he 1st wrote the tune) and easily summarized the whole thing in 1 line.. and guess what, you actually do learn faster through observation and reflection - not just from your own experiences but also learn from the mistakes and achievements of others instead of having to go through it yourself.. he got it right.. most of us still don't see it..

A few months ago I started this new concept of "simulation learning" in my training session.. I have this idea that adults might be able to learn faster through emotions stimulated in certain controlled situation by using proper trigger mechanisms.. the theory is based on how we recall certain memories when our senses are stimulated/triggered.. ex. a distinctive smell might remind you of a person from the past, a song might bring back specific memories of an event that happen, etc..

And taking from what the wise sensei said.. if it works on the negative side, it should work on the positive side because it is then up to you to use those triggers to help you counter an emotion and excell in what ever you do..

Don't listen to a sad song when you're down, but listen to a uplifter instead.. get what I mean? ;)


Azreena said...

But what if those negative emotions still choose to linger around even after all those positive countering? If those negativity is just there, around, and wont go away? Learn to live with it then? Improvise in trying to adapt? Point to ponder kan...

sensei said...

Good point..

Well, I see it as part & parcel of life.. nothing was ment to be perfect.. it's always a matter of one's perception towards things..

The best thing to do is to deal with the issues one at a time separately and not bring the emotion across the board and drag it all day long.. it's not fair to do so..