Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BlindSight Reunion Jam

It's been a year since we jammed together..
A lot has changed..
The landmark Hyundai showroom is no longer there..
The mamak stall below the jamming studio has become a mini mart..
James is in Sabah..
Zainy had his 2nd child.. sold his bass.. couldn't make it yesterday..
Jai expecting his 2nd child.. learned programming skills and brought his new laptop so that we could still jam and sound decent..
Paka didn't changed much but was abit rusty with some of the old set list..
Your's truly also didn't prepare well and screwed up most of the songs.. hehe..
but all in all it was a good outing..

Managed to copy a couple of songs from Jai and played around with the video..
Not the best but OK laa.. it's also my first attempt at including lyrics.. Enjoy the song! :)


Azreena said...

Very meaningful song...

Maya said...

eh not bad la..used to have own jamming group tapi project dah lama terbengkalai..bass mana..lead ntah mana..hihi

sabrinaabubakar said...

really really gud song u got there!!