Monday, August 11, 2008

From 100 to 2..

I'm too tired to write a long post to explain the above, so I'll try to keep it simple..

Back when I was in school, I'd always aimed for 100% marks in all my exams..
That has somehow wired my brain to always have high expectations on myself..
I only realized this last weekend that it has made me struggled even more as I could not be happy when I get anything less.. even worse is I'd spiral downwards and would take a long time to bounce back..

Then, a wise sensei said to me..
If you get 75 out of 100, why over pressure yourself to get that extra 25 in the next exam?
Why not just work on getting another 2 marks.. it shows improvement, and chances are you'll get more than 2.. but more important is, be happy with the fact that you are improving..

That made me recall a lot of data from the past..
And it made more sense when you understand that the 'exams' will not have the same questions.. so you're not actually getting an extra 2 marks (77) but you already have 152!
And that is 52 better than 100!! Get what I mean?

So, from now on.. I'm aiming for that 2 marks.. ;)

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Azreena said...

Just be happy...that's the most important aim in life. happy!