Sunday, August 03, 2008

of Japanese drama..

I was a great fan of Japanese dramas.. well, it's kind of hard not to be one considering that's the only thing you can afford to watch as a student.. :P
But I do believe Japanese dramas has good story line and not too lengthy - average 13 episodes per drama shown weekly, not like those Korean ones that runs up to 100s even when shown daily :P .. usually the ones to look out for (if I remembered correctly) was the Fuji TV Mondays 9pm slot, Fuji TV Wednesdays 9pm slot, TBS Fridays 10pm slot.. I also like the fact that they tie up with great Jpop tunes - win-win situation for the entertainment industry..

After coming back to homeland, I tried to keep up by watching them on VCDs (later on DVDs) but since the viewer's trend shifted to K-dramas a few years back, its been hard to find the good ones on TV or in stores..

Then, a few weeks back 8TV started showing "Propose daisakusen - Operation Love", the interest rekindled.. last time I saw Yamashita Tomohisa was when he stared as Tokiwa Takako's younger brother in Kabachitare! (2001) - I came back to Malaysia before the drama ended.. now he's plays the lead role.. hmmm.. the dude has progressed.. ;)

For those who knows, I've been tided up on weekends and hence not been able to catch the whole show.. But I must say, it has a nice plot and an excellent ending theme song by Kuwata Keisuke - Ashita Hareru kana which I'd personally translate as "Will the sun shine tomorrow?".. this is the clip.. such a beautiful ballad.. wish you all could understand Japenese, we'd have a great time discussing the lyrics.. anyway, enjoy the song...

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Azreena said...

"Oh baby, smile is not forever"...very deep lyrics...