Sunday, September 07, 2008


Today I went for a hot-air baloon introduction session with my colleague..

We were supposed to go there and see how this can be included in our future teambuilding programs..

FJ: It's pretty safe to fall..

BJ teaching us the ropes

Stretch it out kids

Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

Up up and away..

Don't look down on me!

But to my suprise, the session was coverd by Channel V for their request show Remote Control!


Question: Do you have a working permit Sir??

They went inside the baloon

Not just that, Marion picked us to go up to ride the hot-air baloon with her, and we get to be 'On Air' too! :)

Producer Eva calling the shots

Ready to fly??

Man, this is soooo hot!! -- the burner on top of us that is..

one for the road

Group shot: Flame on!!



fade0 said...

does marion end up dropping her top after the interview?

picture pls.

Azreena said...

Uiitt...jealousnyeee!!!! Of Marion that is...hehehe :-)

andy_azhar said...

jealous gle..ishhh..x pe..dlu pn kite penah tangkap gambar dgn dia..she sooo hot n sexy =)

zuLLicious! said...

marion caunter? damn...i minat dia! BIG one!