Saturday, September 20, 2008

Realization: Time management

I've been working with this company for 1 year 6 months exactly today..
We specialize in time management.. I thought I understood the concept, but now I realize my understanding was wrong as I had missed 1 critical element..

The problem I had was I took time for granted.. I always thought time was infinate.. so there was no awareness towards sense of urgency.. the sense of urgency only arises when faced with a time limit -- deadlines..
In other words,

People only becomes conscious of resources when it's limited

Note: Resources = Man, Machinery, Money, Material, Time

So, in managing time, you must always put a limit and review it.. example, on daily basis, consider you have 16 hours (8 hours for good sleep) and then plan your day the night before.. it creates the sense of preciousness to your day.. then look at your weekly plans, monthly plans, mid term plans (current 3 months), long term plans (current year).. but the key is to take out the time you won't have 1st.. example - holidays, leaves, etc..

Basically its like knowing you only have a 1 litre jug.. you can't bring back the whole ocean even if you know it's there at your disposal..

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