Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So easy yet so hard..

Today I learned the secret to career advancement..
1) Do what you are asked to do
2) What you don't know, you learn
3) What you know, you teach
That's it! Simple right??

But in reality, people don't do that..

We find ways to not do what we're supposed to do.. we give excuses.. we create reasons for self limitations.. we dwell in petty arguments..

We also don't put in effort to find out things.. we don't even ask.. we assume and keep at it.. we don't see the bigger picture.. we think it's a burden..

We don't share because we fear.. fear of losing the upper hand.. fear that we'll become irrelevant.. we fear that someone can take over our place because we don't see ourselves moving fast enough.. a wise sensei once said, "It is when you have fear, you will never find peace"..

Time to change.. and get to where you want to be.. or else just stay but don't complain la.. ;)


Maya said...

i'm all that and plus more of other career foundations, but somehow when the level gets higher, office politic rules..and so like you said ..time to change..to get to where I wanna be :)

Azreena said...

Most importantly, execution of daily work must be complemented with sincerety. Kalau tak ikhlas and constantly hoping for reward, frustation and dissapointment is almost certain by the end of the day. When your work is good, and you're sincere + have faith in God, insyallah, the recognition will come naturally. Masa tu, kepuasan hati yang tak terhingga, ye tak?

eryan_emily said...

1) Do what you are asked to do
2) What you don't know, you learn
3) What you know, you teach
4) Do share your expertise coz sharing is loving

hehe, how are you sensei?

sensei said...

Yes, sharing is loving but when you have to earn a living, sometimes you can't always be giving.. ;)