Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm a jerk..

I'm a jerk because I'm not patient enough..
I tend to give up on things too fast..
I logically understand that it's wrong to do, but emotionally it's not registered in my head..
I could comment that Hull City took about 18 years to climb up to the Premier League from Division 3, but at the same time I gave up on my book 3 months after it was published.. talk about learning from football.. :P

Today I learned that I have to be more tolerant in waiting for results..
but that doesn't mean I should take a back seat and let life runs it's course..

The difference is to have a game plan.. and to ensure that game plan works, I must see to it that there is progress towards the end goal.. and on that point, I must be a bit impatient by doing vigorous follow ups but at the same time, not having too high of an expectation -- basically it's applying the right attitude in the right situation.. something easier said than done.. :P

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Maya said...

eh you..happy belated birthday!!! 30 sounds nice..:) and selamat hari raya too.:)