Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the LIST

I'm looking to build a set list of 20 songs that I can performe with the aid of my guitar.. this is somewhat a prep for my goal to be an "entertrainer".. :)

So guys, lend me a helping hand.. please suggest your fav songs and I'll practise on it.. it will be a challenge since I never could memorize the chords to play a full song! :P

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zuLLicious! said...

hye mr sensei!
u nak 20 song yer? i ade byk in my head, but for now amik la nie dulu! Buat practice k! Go go jaiyuk!

my list!

1. Lifehouse - Take Me Away
2. Avril Lavinge - My Happy Ending
3. Jason Mraz & Colby Calliat - Lucky
4. Jason Mraz - Butterfly
5. Michael Wong - Tong Hua(Mandarin song)
6. Evanascene - My Immortal
7. Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

try la yer...