Monday, December 01, 2008

the 0.001 chance..

Yup.. I went.. I waited.. I sang.. and I was not short listed..

I arrived at the venue from Seremban (had a teambuilding program there the day before) at approximately 9am. The queue was already about 400m long and people were still coming. It took about 7.5 hours before I got my number... it took me another 7 hours before my number was called to the jury room… to my surprise, we had to go in in 5s and the juries were not whom I expected it to be.. we were given 30 sec to sing our heart out one by one.. God knows how exhausted I was.. so at that point of time, I just sang what came into my head naturally – B’z, Calling.. after all 5 of us sang, we stepped out of the room and was informed by the staff that none of us made it to the next round.. not even the ‘maybe’ list.. but I was happy that I gave it a shot.. the only regret I had was not being able to hear the feedback from Paul Moss which was the main reason I wanted to audition in the first place..

Now I understand what it takes to be ‘the one’ and how passionate people can be in chasing their dreams.. I realized that there will always be others who are better than you and if you think you had it bad, there will also be others who got it worse.. and I came out of it being very thankful for what I have..

to those who made it, I wish them all the best.. they deserve it..

The queue..

Half way there...

Buddies - the kid that qualified for AF6 stage 1 but couldn't attend stage 2, the kid that took the morning bus from Tanjung Malim without notifying his parents and the burger seller who's wife wanted him to give it one last shot..

the largest number I saw was 10,270..

the waiting hall...

Just the 2 of us.. the other 2 kids bailed out..

taken at about 10:30pm.. some of them still have about 500 people ahead of them..

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zuLLicious! said...

oh my gosh!
panjang gler en fauzan...nvrmind, next time okey! i pun tak dpt tat job. i am down...haih!
cool...chill out n happy!