Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of honesty and friendship..

I lost a friend today when I gave him an honest feedback few days ago..

I thought he could take it but I guess I was wrong.. I do hope he sees the intention behind it and that would clear his disturbed emotions but I doubt it would happen anytime soon..

So, it is true that the truth is painful..
However, should one was to pick between being honest & 'sugar coating' the truth, I personally feel that there is no right or wrong.. It's a matter of principles - how strong are you at upholding them..
'Hypocrisy' is labelled a negative word, but if it means breaking a friendship by being honest, would you change your principles? Would it be OK then to be a 'hypocrite'? Or would you rather loose a friend and be proud that you are an honest person? Everybody might hate you for it but you are happy doing 'the right thing'...??

All in all, I didn't regret about what I said.. Yes, probably the approach could have been better.. and yes, it did for a split second cross my mind that this might happen.. but I did consciously choose to do what I did and be honest, but I guess honesty doesn't work.. the bigger picture wasn't so clear after all.. tough luck for me laa.. I wish him all the best though.. and may we be friends again in the future..

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zuLLicious! said...

where have u been MR?!!!