Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Old tool rediscovered..

Ever heard of deliberate practice?

Well, it's the most powerful tool for self-improvement provided that you are patient enough.. You see, change doesn't happen over night.. and even if change happens, it takes quite an amount of effort and energy to sustain the consistancy..

Some poeple are just plain impatient.. they say something and hope the world will change in a zap.. well, it doesn't! It takes time.. but what you can do is help them in their deliberate practice.. the help can be in a form of support, or even helping them identifying what they should work on to make that change happen..

That's just a teaser for you guys.. I gotta go and will continue later.. in the meantime remember this simple advise from a wise sensei "think small when it comes to making improvements as the tiny drops makes the mighty ocean"...

See ya!!

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