Monday, June 30, 2008

The lost song..

If not mistaken, this was recorded during our final jamming session in 2007.. Never did got a chance to sing 'Pupus' in front of a live audience..

Found a new excitement today.. video upload is fun! :)

p/s: Sorry for the video quality..

Saturday, June 28, 2008


The football based teambuilding program that I mentioned was materialized today..

This is a short clip that I made to show at the end of the programme..

Yes, it's my first video upload in YouTube.. ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This I must comment..

Why do we keep on doing things for the wrong reasons?

Seriously laa... Helmets are worn for SAFETY.. not because you fear authority..

Get that into your thick skull.. pleaseeeee!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Cik Din passed away last Sunday morning at 6.55am..

I was with him the day before but was not beside him when he passed on..
This was really a big blow to me..

He was not only my uncle, but the next best thing to a father for me.. a brother.. a friend..
He used to send me to school..
He taught me how to play badminton.. how to kick a ball properly..
He was there to comfort me when my father passed away..
He was there to celebrate my marriage.. even hosted my Japanese friend that came to visit Malaysia..
He showed be how to be kind to people.. what it means to give & not just take..
Most of the time he taught me how to laugh at my own shortcomings and move on..
He always had a smile on his face.. even when what's left was only his body..

I'll miss him dearly.. Penang won't be the same.. Life won't be the same..


Thursday, June 19, 2008

What if... -revisited-

I wrote something on the same thing quite some time ago.. --> HERE

But anyways...

Today was one of those days that got me thinking about a few "What ifs"..

If you think about it long enough, probably you'll see that there is actually no 'alternate dimensions' to this world -- or atleast to your life.. We are all presented with choices every second of the day.. some come in big dilemmas, while others are really small A or B options.. What ever it may be, we choose one thing over the other.. then at times, after making those choices, we look back and say.. "Hmmm.. what if I had chosen....."

You may logically know what could have happen, but the fact is, you will never get the chance to really experiece the alternate choice & emotionally understand it... NEVER EVER!

So, if what is done is done and what ever will be will be.. no matter how, or which.. choices are actually merely virtual options in life.. they don't really exist.. there's no 'one or the other'.. everything IS pre-selected.. you are only given the opportunity to FEEL the sensasion of going through the process of selecting the pre-selected option.. Don't you agree?

And get this... people tend to think on a 'positive mode' when looking back at an event in their life, but will likely to think on a 'negative mode' when considering the present onwards.. for example.. school days are often said to be the best part of our lives.. but when we were in school, we actually complained a lot about how hard it is to get through.. betul tak?

It's all in the mind... the mind likes things that are simple & common.. it creates perseption based on those grounds.. the unknown is always difficult and bad.. but once you've done it and things become familiar, it's easy and good..

Pelik kan? ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


2 years ago was an engineer with alot of spare time on my hands.. so, I wrote about how people can actually learn about management through watching football.. but then, I got upset with the outcome.. click here to get a better picture ;)

Fast forward, I'm now in a different field of work.. and was given the opportunity to develop the idea further.. so, by the end of the month, the whole 'learning management through football' will take on a new life in the form of a new never-done-before teambuilding program!!

I'm so excited about it and can't wait to try it out.. this one I must REALLY sell.. ;)

Harian Metro, 23-Jul-06: Boy was I fat back then.. hehe

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aku sedang ingin...

Lately my weekends have been packed with Teambuilding programs..
July looks crazy and I may have to do back-to-back programs..
Stressful? Yes, but 'good' stress...

Along the way, I made friends with Ben the one man band.. Cool dude, very pleasant personality.. my boss loves him, the clients love him.. he gets the party going and with a little help from yours truely, we take it to the next level.. We always have a good time together.. I more or less know his set of playlist already & we're working on a few new songs to play.. the 1st one was "Sedang Ingin Bercinta".. eventhough it wasn't as mind blowing as when Blind Sight did it, nevertheless I had a blast doing that number..

So with this "side project" going on.. I can say I'm pretty happy doing any teambuilding programs during weekends.. Its the weekdays that's killing me.. :P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the mood for blood..

Yup.. that's right, I'm ready for a fight..
I very seldom feel this way, but right now.. at this very moment, I just might..
You poke me, I'm not just gonna poke you back, I'm gonna rip your eyeballs out of their socket!!

my heart is pumping..

adrenaline rushing..

but somehow my brains are still in command..
I'm still rasionalizing stuff in my head..
should I or should I not fuel the sparks...

choices ohh choices..

A wise sensei once said... "Don't make me angry.. you won't like it when I'm angry..."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sometimes I amaze myself..

A little get-in-the-basket-and-lift-it-myself story here..

Sometimes I come up with the wackiest ideas when I drive.. some of them actually make sense more than what I normally say during discussions & meetings.. the only problem is, I forget most of it at the end of the day simply because I don't write them down.. see how important it is to have a 'trigger mechanism'?

Anyways.. just now I came up with this quote that I think is pretty brilliant..
"In life, you can't always do what you want and want what you can do.."
which actually ties up with my previous concept of "Life = Dreams + Duties".. of which I came to a conclusion that Dreams are 'positive' while Duties are 'negative'.. and that makes a balanced life..
Example: Makan ayam goreng, sedap = positive.. Jogging, penat = negative.. but you do need both to balance things out, something of that line laa..
Tengok bola sampai pagi, seronok = positive.. esok pegi kerja mengantuk = negative..
Kena kerja lebih masa, takde social life = negative.. hujung bulan dapat income kencang = positive.. Ok la tu.. circle of life.. :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The art of procrastination..

I'll be taking a small part in our monthly talk this month.. the topic is about procrastination.. Actually this is my 4th time.. Previously I'll be the 'opener' but this time I'm the 'anchor' -- I'm coming in just before my big boss concludes the topic.. yikes!

The only stressful thing about doing this is the fact that is an open-to-public-thingy which means people of all level and age will be there.. which means that it's extra hard to engage the crowd.. which means logically you can't really get 100% positive reaction -- which bothers me as I always go for 100%.. I beat myself up for even 1 unfavorable remark.. It's all about setting my own expectation standard.. sometimes I set it a bit too high for my own good.. hehe..

A wise sensei once said, "Control the controllable.. and allow time for the uncontrollable".. I say it doesn't really make sense when you talk about procrastination now does it? ;)

I mean, we tend to allow too much time and in the end ending up not doing anything about it..

and isn't that what procrastination is all about? We favor simple, easy and common things.. we avoid things that are difficult, new and complex (unless it's a shopping complex - hehe).. it's all because we are too intelligent in finding 'reasons'... I mean, think about it.. Do animals procrastinate?... they don't, they just do it.. animals know that in the wild, things just has to be done to survive.. we on the other hand find ways to cope either way.. betul tak? :)

I think I have given the topic quite a good thought.. I got my approach angle.. we'll see how it goes.. :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


In one of the last training sessions, I tried this...
I asked each of the participants to pick their favourite 'SUPERHERO' from their childhood.. The idea is to relate why (as in what are the characteristics) they liked about the 'SUPERHERO' and why not imitate that in doing their daily job...

Some said SUPERMAN.. one mention HULK.. a few picked real life people as their favourite 'SUPERHERO' but most of them didn't quite get it..

Anyways, let's take another look at this idea..

As a child, I always adored SUPERMAN for his super powers.. as a teenager, I shifted and became fond of BATMAN's concepts - brain power rather than super powers.. But if you go deep, you'll actually see the other side to the life of these SUPERHEROS.. SUPERMAN only had his powers on Earth because of the Sun rays or something like that - in other words, he's special because he's unique in this land.. if he was back in Krypton, everybody would be flying around and nobody would take a second look at him - he'll be just another average Jo or should I say, another Clerk (yes, pun intended).. As for BATMAN, the dude is all work, 24-7... yes he does seem to flirt and party around as Bruce Wayne, but still he's actually on duty as BATMAN.. it's just an act.. the dude has no life! Most of his time he's in front of his PC, staying up all night in the cave doing prep work... hmmmm... kinda sounds familiar.. hehe :P

So maybe it is true, you do get live the life of your favourite SUPERHERO.. probably in a different perspective, but the 'universe' does answer for thoughts and make it come true..

Just imagine if you focus on the right thoughts.........

I'd probably be 'flying' right now.. hehe..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stop, break.. Hammer time!

I'm not talking about MC Hammer.. but hammering session will start soon.. our Quaterly General Meeting that is.. yikes!

Anyway.. I'd like to ask you all.. in terms of your 2008 Resolutions.......
Dah bulan 6 dah weiii... apa yang hangpa dok buat selama ni??!!