Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back in the Saddle

I just found out that the greatest band on Earth has a new CD out!!

I know it's not a new album but they've recorded 2 brand new songs on it.. title track "Devil's Got A New Disguise" and "Sedona Sunrise".. I haven't heard of it yet (must buy it A.S.A.P, I respect them too much to download the CD) but I bet that the latter is a signature power ballad.

Now the thing is, Aerosmith has never failed me in giving me motivation to perform ever since my dad passed away in March 1999.. I remember sending him (my dad) a video of my 1st Collage karaoke contest footage (actually lost that one) and he was really happy to see me do my stuff on stage. I heard he even showed it to visiting relatives. :)

Back to Aerosmith.. I'd always try to get my inspiration from Steven Tyler and it never failed. They're release timing is always on the dot, especially when I need that little shove.. and this year, as I prepare for my first live band performance (details on the band later) since 'kakujikentou' back in winter 2000, I'm happy to get the OK que in a form of this 'best of' album. Although the band won't play any AERO tunes (if you can't do it justice, don't bother.. kan?), I'll be sure to give it my best.. I'M BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN BABE!! YEAHHHH.. hehe..

Friday, October 20, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir & Batin.. :)

Since the holidays will be long, so I thought I'd say my Raya wishes and leave you with 3 Captions! Cukup? hehe..

So here goes.. sempena Aidilfitri, saya ingin minta maaf kalau ada salah silap, terkasar bahasa dan sebagainya, samada dalam sedar ataupun tidak.. SAFETY FIRST!!


Chief : Di hari rayaaaa.. terkenang daku kepada si diaaa...

Cop in the car: Ni yang den lomah kalau partner dengan dia time-time nak raya nih.. aku pun nak nyanyi lagu Happy Deepavali gak..


Lady Cop : Aku dah agak dah.. Dia tu bukan pandai amik gambar.. Tengok! Ada ke gambar camni nak buat kad raya.. Hampehhh!!

Lady at the back : Siapa laa lepas angin nih!!
Copper : Sah awek ni tuduh aku..
Bald guy : Control control muka innocent..


Pak Lah : Lihatlah panorama yang indah lagi cemerlang di Putrajaya ni..

Gen. Surayud : Mana nampak apa Lah, jerebuuuuuuu....

Disclaimer : Again, discretion advised for readers with no funny bones.


Kaloi Fried Chiken.. the taste of Kg Kaloi, Ulu Yam.. hehe..

Now you know..

Bloke apartment.. Hmmm... Does this means no girls are allowed to live here? hehe..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sometimes... Driving on 'auto-pilot'

Sometimes when I'm tired while driving, I let the 'auto-pilot' take over..

HAHAHAHA.. gila apa??!

Funny Jews

I think of myself as a funny guy.. and I do enjoy making people laugh..
I consider it as a mental exercise of some sort as you really need to squeeze those creative juices to come out with a good joke or one liners..
So, with that in mind, let me share with you my Top 5 for Most Funniest Comedians..

#1 Adam Sandler

#2 Jack Black

#3 Wayne Brady

#4 Jerry Seinfeld

#5 Jim Carrey

Of cos I also find Robin Williams and the late John Ritter as great natural comedians..

Actually since Jim Carey ventured into more serious roles, he has fallen from my ranks as I really hate seeing comedians of his calibre 'trying' to be an actor.. same goes for Robin Williams. I hope they'll make a 'comeback' with a over the top comedy soon..

Anyway.. what's REALLY 'interesting' is.. did you noticed that of my top 5, 3 of them are JEWS?
Hmmm.. kind of makes you wonder doesn't it.. are Jews (the race, not religion) really funny people or are they born with a 'special' DNA combination that makes their mind a bit 'wicked'? I always regard comedians as geniuses.. they have the ability to twist everything they see and make it hilarious..

I even went on Wikipedia to do a minor research and found there was a special category for Jewish American comedians.. and guess what, there 119 pages of them!!

It really bothers me as I do enjoy watching these funny Jews.. I mean you still have to uphold your principles but at the same time you should appreciate good talent (that's God's gift).. and Adam, Jack & Jerry are really REALLY FUNNY!! :)
Hmmm.. maybe I shouldn't take things too seriously.. kan? Besides, its only entertainment.. and entertainment is not the main thing in life.. ;)

Anyways, on local grounds, I consider this dude as being really amusing whenever he's on TV.. :)

Hah.. made you laugh! See.. I knew this dude was funny!

Disclaimer : This entry is for humor purpose only. Discretion advised for readers with no funny bones.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stop.. break.. Caption time!!

Saw this in the papers today.. can't help myself.. :D

Caption 1

Dude 1: Hey, look! I can balance the bike with only one hand!!
Dude 2: Tu kaki ko jejak tu apa helll??

Caption 2

Tuan Sarjana : Ente nampak ini batu?! Sekali ana rejam ente sama ini batu, mampusss ente!

hehehe.. jangan marah aaa..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pakai teropong nampak!

Saw these pics in the news and couldn't resist.. hehe :)

Caption 1

"Mano anok bule nih..? Dok rayo lai esuk"

Caption 2

Lady: "Intai apa tu cik Ramli?"
Guy : "Ehh.. tak tak.. se se sesaja jee.."

hehehe.. Come on and join the fun! Share those funny thoughts of yours.. ;)

Of notalgic Ramadhan moments..

Funny how time flies.. Ramadhan has reached its home streach..
and just a few days ago I came across one of my prized collection form a Ramadhan 11 years ago.. Wow!! 11 tahun tuuu...

Just in case you guys out there are too freakin' young to remember, this quartet was called Feminin.. they started out as 5 but Along left the group due to 'personal matters' and the rest carried on..

I was a Feminin 'groupie' back then.. wen't to almost every accessable appearance from mall promos, Muzik Muzik live telecasts and even their album launch (special invitation tuuu).. Man, was I crazy those days.. hihi.. But the highlight was an invitation from Abang Edd to a buka puasa session at their office in Taman Melawati.

Abang Edd who now works as a secretary for Air Asia's big guns knew me from all of my 'visits' and invited me over.. he had my contact no from the 'lyrics' I submitted to him (try to find that and post it one of these days). During the phone call I didn't hesitate to say 'YES!' and hopped on (literally) the next bas mini 20.. Ahh those mini buses were sooo 'KL'.. and quite strange that semua orang tak kisah paying 60sen even just to stand at the steps of the door.. hehe..

The gals had just finished a photo shoot so they still had thick make up on..
Off the bunch, Deq Nor was my fav.. who last I heard is happily married and a mother of 2 now.. dah bertudung dah, alhamdulillah.. As (who's now married to Azman Adnan.. damn! :P) always kept her cool and her sis Watie (now works in Air Asia Indonesia) was just like in the mags - clueless and goofy at times.. hehe..
I couldn't eat much as I was overwhelmed with excitement.. hey, mind you these guys were BIG back then.. Siti mana ada lagi time tuu.. but Yatie (mana dia sekarang??) and Dee Boyz (I'd love to see what these dudes looks like now.. hehe) were really friendly and layan me like I was a kawan lama.. kitorang sembang (I remember one of them commenting on my wrist watch - jam digital tapi tali kulit.. go figure.. hehe) until the office was about to close.. Abang Edd dropped me off on their way back.. It really made my day & I really thank them for such a wonderful memory..


Apart from that 'close encounter', there were alot of other good memories that also happen in my life during Ramadhan.. especially during my Japan years.. maybe kalau teringat lagi nanti, I'll blog it.. Insyaallah :)

Sayang Ramadhan datang setahun sekali and the mood sets in me only towards the end.. Hmmm... I really need to improve on that..

p/s: I forgot to scan the pic from that buka puasa, I'll do it later - in another entry.. ;)

Lights.. Camera.. Raya..

Yesterday I brought back the office's digital camera..
not that I don't have my own, tapi saja malas nak punggah..
so, here are some pics of the 'raya mood' at my house..

Can you feel the love tonight? :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Apa kata survey?

Now people.. Shoud I buy this 2nd hand bike??

Points to ponder..
1- I don't have a motorbike license
2- I haven't rode a bike in 11 years
3- NEVER rode a bike with a clutch system
4- The bike is about 2 years old but only ran less than 500km
5- Malaysian road safety.. hmmmm...

Comments are highly welcome.. mana tau ada termiss any other things that I should consider 1st...

ninenburi no haircut

It's been more or less 2 years since I cut my hair properly at a salon, so I went through a minor 'Raya make-over' yesterday..

Look at the pics and tell me what you think?



How many think I look better with long hair? :P

Friday, October 13, 2006

small world..

I just thought of it.. ALOT of my Chinese buddies over the years are either named Tan, or comes from Kedah.. The TAN's include.. KL Tan, PK Tan, Ah Teck (WT Tan), SY Tan.. not forgetting Piau (PK Than).. and the Kedah ones are Tan Teik Wei (my 'junior' at Hakodate), Ooi Siew Nge & KB Loh (both ex-colleague) and Lee Chee Siang (new addition to SHARP work force)..

Since TAN is a surname, I guess there's something in their DNA combination that makes them compatible with me.. and I guess those people in Kedah must have been doing something right because environment plays a big part in shaping a person's personallity.. :)

Note: To those I didn't mention here, please don't feel bad.. you guys are great too.. ;)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

What you don’t know, won’t hurt you..

Remember this verse from Wham’s ‘Careless Whisper’?

Time can never mend,
The careless whisper of a good friend.
To the heart and mind,
Ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth,
Pain is the all you'll find.

Funny how true it sounds. Ignorance IS really good for your heart and mind.

A lot of things have been bothering my mind lately.. and most is caused by my ‘have-to-find-out-about-everything’ habit. I don’t think of myself as a busybody, but I just can’t let things go or give up that easily.. I’m passionate and very persistent too! For example if something catches my attention or I’m curious about something, I won’t be able to sit still. I have to find out about it right away. And sitting in the office in front of a PC all day doesn’t help me controlling the urge that much also.. google.com is just a click away.. ;)

Anyway, I’m the type of person who likes to ‘fight hard’ for what I believe in.. bukan kaki lawan tapi nak usahakan jugak.. but most of the time when I do that, I hurt more people along the way.. including myself! Some times I wish that I could just have the “I-couldn’t-care-less” attitude.. but the trouble is, itu bukan saya.. I HAVE to be ME.. I don’t feel complete if I don’t act according to my principles. And my principle is ‘walk the talk’..

I’m rambling non-sense here aren’t I? Meh bagi contoh sikit..

I’m in the committee for this year’s annual dinner.. now, in my head (my principle) this is a green light for me to change what I feel is wrong and do what I think would be enjoyable.. but I hit several brick walls when confronting with the ‘elders’.. asyik-asyik nak ikut tradisi.. well Sir, bad tradition should be locked up in Sungai Buloh along with people who sells mercun! Anyway.. Gitu gini gitu gini.. lepas orang tolak dan saya beransur, out of about 10 brilliant ideas, I’m down to only one and a half.. lain semua kena CANTAS!

So, I’m walking on thin ice for the ‘one’ one but I hope I can pull out a fast one for the ‘half’ one and make it ‘whole’.. This is my last shot.. one last fight (ni yang selalu hero Hindustan Menang ni).. it’s all or nothing.. and luckily today my counter-part is on leave.. Hmmm… Any ideas as to which part of the back looks good with a knife? HAHAHAHA (evil laugh)

Disclaimer: The above ‘contoh’ is meant for my own therapy (releasing stress only).. Alaaa.. lagipun it’s only the annual dinner.. tahun depan pun ada lagi.. kan? <-- bet I won’t be reelected as the committee.. hehe

Asyik la kena...

I don't know why laa.. It seems soooo hard for me to get proper recognition for my work.. First it was my book, now even in this small article (for SHARP's corporate magazine) pun kena kongsi nama.. :P

Well, I guess it's not my time yet.. God know's best, ada hikmah la tu..

Try to find me in that pic.. hehe..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


When I was small, I was nuts over VOLTRON..
Then in 1985, SAGA came out and I was excited for PROTON..
Of late, I have to admit.. I'm addicted to Indonesian SINETRON!! :P

Puas difikirkan why I prefer sinetron to local Malaysian series.. usually people would say Malay dramas are crap.. well, these Indon made stuff ain't that much better either.. and to be fair, let me say that there really are some 'grabbers' on our local telly.. hey, I was hooked on NATASHA too.. :)

So, what is it then?
Appart from the 'naturally good looking' cast, I'd have to say the obvious - it's in the story!.. No, not the jalan cerita but the 'good-is-TOO-LAME-good-and-bad-is-REALLY-BAD-A$$-evil' story.. simple as that!

You see, in life we have too many grey areas.. we don't need that complicated stuff fed to us 24-7 on TV.. we got the office for that.. :D
And the thing is, TV is not like the movies where you pay and choose what type of story you want to be served to you.. because on movies you get to let loose and be free for a few hours.. art film, action heros, romantic comedy, apa-apa pun boleh la.. but TV is more to 'safe & general'.. TV is assuming what everybody wants, not considering the minority.. that's why there's no 'coloured friend' in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. now you see why the show ran for ages..?

So, to get more people hooked, they (the TV drama making people) should consider these 10 points..

1- Get rid of those few seconds of slapstick/filler characters consisting 'Indian dude' and 'Chinese apek'

2- Good characters must be so naive that they can't think what's best for them

3- Villains are allowed to be bad up until they die or atleast the last 3 minutes of the entire series

4- Please PLEASE get veterans to play old characters

5- In accordance with the above, PLEASE get teenagers to play teenagers!! Rosyam Nor does not look like a form 5 student when he shaves!!

6- GREAT OPENING THEME SONG!! <-- refer 'Tujuh Tanda Cinta' that uses Dewa's Cintailah Cinta

7- Use real life dialogues! adlib adlib! we don't want to hear "saya tidak mahu lah", we want "takmo aah"

8- PROPS!! its all about the minor details.. hallooo.. orang bujang tak duduk rumah banglo, makan kat hotel & naik MERC laa.. refer P. Ramlee's Bujang Lapok (those days takde TV, so movies = mainstream entertainment)

9- Improve those 'in the car scenes' or just avoid them totally..

10- CLIFFHANGERS will always get them back!!

I know, easier said than done.. tapi kena la try buat.. kan?