Friday, November 30, 2007

People just DON'T CARE..

I'm not upset about people..
I just wanted to pen down something that made sense to me recently...
It way seem obvious but we always forget that the fact is, people don't care..

What I mean here is.. people don't know and can never know about things that is not present.. in other words, people can only judge by what is in front of them.. and that makes it hard to care about the other person..

Example.. Your friend comes to you and says that he was late because he got stuck in traffic.. what would your response be? Most likely you'd asked which road he / she took and empathize.. Now, put a stanger in that same situation.. what's your response? You won't care much to ask anything now would you? Worst if that was your first encounter with him / her, because you'll assume that being late is his / her normal behaviour.. and unlike your friend which you have data from past encounters, the need to care fades to exist.. just because of the present judgement...

I'll save the details for some other time.. but what I'd like to share for now is the fact that, because of this;
Perception = Reality

And it will always be like that, because we will always judge a book by it's cover first as we can't see straight into the contents.. embracing this fact would surely help you in dealing with self expectations in terms of human relationship.. stay positive but not too optimistic.. ;)

Friday, November 16, 2007

I think I got it...

10 days after asking myself "am I living for something worth dying for?", I got a hint to the answer..
I noticed that.. I need a reason for everything!
I also noticed that... I need more data in order for me to get better..

I know the above may not make any sense to you, but atleast I'm understanding myself at a more conscious level nowdays and I have a reason to live for a better day ahead.. ;)

sensei says "I'm busy because I want more free time.."

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What drives you?

I'm aware that I'm not being consistent.. there are days that I'm so driven to do things, then the next day I'm struggling to get even 1 thing finished.. some may say that consistency comes from discipline but I feel otherwise, mainly because I believe that something else drives that consistency.. you may use whatever term - passion, energy, spirit, etc..

I guess the best way to see it is by asking yourself daily that..
"Are you living for something worth dying for?"
And guess what, my honest answer to that is not yet..