Wednesday, December 31, 2008

さらば 2008

This year has been one bumpy ride after another..
Just thinking about it makes me frown..
Personally I'm looking forward to put 2008 behind me..
I'm very hopeful of what is in store for 2009..
Therefore, today I bid さらば 2008 !

Monday, December 29, 2008

No 2: Hijrah

To put it in simple words, 'Hijrah' means migration.. While most people focus on the destination of Hijrah (usually from bad to good or good to better), I'd like to highlight a different dimension - the action..

Migration requires movement.. if we don't move, how can there be any migration or even a realization of the destination? Without moving, the destination will always stay a mirage..

So, let's not waste energy on coming up with the 'right destination'.. Let's just start.. Start moving.. for the end will always be better than the beginning.. ;)

Salam Maal Hijrah 1430

Sunday, December 28, 2008

No 1: Plates

If you have a plate and put your food on it, you would know how to eat that food (as you are comfortable with the portion and know how to handle that quantity).. but if you were given a bigger plate with additional choices of food in it, chances are you’ll only eat what you like and take your own sweet time to finish the remaining (provided that you even choose to finish it)

Many of us have a ‘plate’ that we are familiar with.. but how do we judge the ‘size’?.. Is it too small or too big? Are we spending too much time on doing the things that we like and not what is really important?

Easier said than done.. especially when the ‘plate’ doesn’t belong to us.. ;)

Prelude: 2009

Those who read my blog might remember what I want to achieve in 2009..
Yes, I'm still very keen on that.. but to add on my personal-professional goal, I'd like to finish writing my 2nd book in mid 2009..

What would the angle be this time? Well, I won't tell yet.. it's still in the works.. all that I know is I need to have 99 strong points to be able to have a presentable manuscript.. My current plan is to work on those 99 points as I go along.. so I should achieve that by 31-March-2009, then I can spend the following 3 months to write the final version.. possibly in Bahasa again..

So, for now.. this blog and probably my 'FB notes' will be my scratch pad for those 99 points..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time flies....

I believe that everything happens for a reason..
Coincidently, these photos were taken on the same day same date 2 years apart..

When I look back, yes, I've changed a lot.. mostly for the better but some things do remain the same.. perhaps it would take me longer to shake off those.. but the thing is.. I might not want to.. ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last one for the year..

Personally I thought I'd never get another chance to sing in a ballroom again after Blind Sight's performance 2 years ago.. but I was wrong.. :)

Final one for 2008.. it's been a crazy year..

p/s: Nazli was the best guitarist from ING.. even the chefs came out to check us out.. haha..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Come full circle..

6 years ago Uncle Ben told Peter Parker..
"With great powers, comes great responsibility"
Logically I understood what he meant.. but yesterday, I came to understand the statement emotionally..
The reason was simple -- I never had any (or failed to realize I had any) so-called 'powers' before so I could not understand the implications of misusing them.. but recently I realized I've developed a new skill that with the wrong intentions might cause chaos.. Thank God I still have a strong head on my shoulders and still am that nice guy..

Hmmm.. suddenly I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders..

Monday, December 08, 2008

I love this part right here..

Many have asked me, "How do you carry on doing teambuilding programs every weekend?"..
Well, to be frank, I look forward to the dinner.. because every now and then, I get people like Clarence that can join me and Ben on stage to rock... and that just gives me the energy to keep going on...

By the way, the 'party' is actually part of our 2D1N module.. it's about "work hard, play hard" and importance of having a balanced life.. and mind you, I rock clean - no alchohol, no drugs..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

why worry so much?

You Got Me
One Block Radius

You Got Me
No need to wonder why.
Don't have to question,
So clear your worried mind

Now I don't wanna lose you,
But I'm tryin' do, what I gotta do, do.
I know the style of my life might confuse you.
And I don't blame you one bit.
I don't even say nothin' when you tripp.
But I thought I told you?
You can put it on my shoulder's, I can hold you.
And I don't care who all believes me, I'ma show you.
Momma it's been a long time.
My leadin', bangin boys about to shine,
All up on my grind.
Gotta get this money what door, just a little crack.
I'm gonna kick it in and make some noise, baby I'll be back.
Gotta keep you movin' ma,
That's how we do it ma,
We chasin' dreams and makin wishes,
I'm your shootin' star.

Now I don't really want to leave you right now,
And I don't even really wanna go.
And I don't even wanna see you cry now,
Baby you should, already know.

You Got Me, (You know that you got me)
No need to wonder why. ( No reason to wonder why)
Don't ever question, (You ain't got to question)
So clear your worried mind (It'll be alright)

no need for second guess, yes, i know im running late
but ill be right there in a sec,
no stress, no disrespect,ima put my kneck up there for us.
see you can see you and me got that unity and trust.
plus, i know you see oportunity knockin,lately its been poppin for
me, we gona solve these problems,
aint we been through hevier, wearier weather?clearly whatever get
between us, we always seem to put it back together, like that!
no need to snap my love, your boy is comming back.
we scratchin and i scratchin your back,now girl relax!
and put it all on the table and get it all off your chest,believe me
when i tel you ima give you my best!

You Got Me, (You know that you got me)
No need to wonder why. ( No reason to wonder why)
Don't ever question, (You ain't got to question)
So clear your worried mind (It'll be alright)

we can fly away,
and start another life some how!
i love you every day!
ill never ever let you down!
i know that it hasnt been easy
but i need you more than ever to believe me(me)
ima make it good(good)
ima set it straight(straight)
we gona do right!!

so trust me when i say!!

You Got Me, (You know that you got me)
No need to wonder why. ( No reason to wonder why)
Don't ever question, (You ain't got to question)
So clear your worried mind (It'll be alright)

ima make it alright
you know that you got me
i told told told
so clear your worried mind

--> check out the actual song.. it's really beautiful.. ;)

why I sing with the mic stand...

Bacause we look soooo cool.. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

the 0.001 chance..

Yup.. I went.. I waited.. I sang.. and I was not short listed..

I arrived at the venue from Seremban (had a teambuilding program there the day before) at approximately 9am. The queue was already about 400m long and people were still coming. It took about 7.5 hours before I got my number... it took me another 7 hours before my number was called to the jury room… to my surprise, we had to go in in 5s and the juries were not whom I expected it to be.. we were given 30 sec to sing our heart out one by one.. God knows how exhausted I was.. so at that point of time, I just sang what came into my head naturally – B’z, Calling.. after all 5 of us sang, we stepped out of the room and was informed by the staff that none of us made it to the next round.. not even the ‘maybe’ list.. but I was happy that I gave it a shot.. the only regret I had was not being able to hear the feedback from Paul Moss which was the main reason I wanted to audition in the first place..

Now I understand what it takes to be ‘the one’ and how passionate people can be in chasing their dreams.. I realized that there will always be others who are better than you and if you think you had it bad, there will also be others who got it worse.. and I came out of it being very thankful for what I have..

to those who made it, I wish them all the best.. they deserve it..

The queue..

Half way there...

Buddies - the kid that qualified for AF6 stage 1 but couldn't attend stage 2, the kid that took the morning bus from Tanjung Malim without notifying his parents and the burger seller who's wife wanted him to give it one last shot..

the largest number I saw was 10,270..

the waiting hall...

Just the 2 of us.. the other 2 kids bailed out..

taken at about 10:30pm.. some of them still have about 500 people ahead of them..