Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prelude: 2009

Those who read my blog might remember what I want to achieve in 2009..
Yes, I'm still very keen on that.. but to add on my personal-professional goal, I'd like to finish writing my 2nd book in mid 2009..

What would the angle be this time? Well, I won't tell yet.. it's still in the works.. all that I know is I need to have 99 strong points to be able to have a presentable manuscript.. My current plan is to work on those 99 points as I go along.. so I should achieve that by 31-March-2009, then I can spend the following 3 months to write the final version.. possibly in Bahasa again..

So, for now.. this blog and probably my 'FB notes' will be my scratch pad for those 99 points..

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