Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ask long enough and the answers will come...

Last posting I left off with a question wondering when will the day come that we would be comfortable enough to communicate honestly.

Today, a glimpse of the answer came when a wise sensei said "Only when you are honest with yourself, will you liberate others"..

I paused for a while... and then something triggered me to what I've been taught before, which goes something like "God will not change the fate of a society until the society changes what is within themselves"

By connecting the dots, I now understand that to generate an evolution towards honest communication, I must first start to communicate honestly.. I must be comfortable with my own insecurities/weaknesses and get pass that before it catches on to others and honest communication can take place..

Can it be done? YES..
Will it be hard? SURELY..
But it's a cause that I believe is right and I want to fight for.. insyaallah I will succeed someday.. ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Come to think about it...

Just a personal view that I'd like to share..

I think, the root of all evil in this world comes from our inability to have honest communication..

Just think about it..
If we all were comfortable enough to be honest when communicating with others, there wouldn't be any lies to tell, no rumours to spread, no belittling others, no need to impress, no heartaches, no headaches.. in other words, every picture would be painted right and clear - which is actually acceptable to all..

I wonder when that day will come...... hmmmm...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Of learning & intentions...

Today 2 questions popped in my head..

1 - How crucial is it to have a teacher/coach when learning something new?
2 - How crucial is it to know the teacher/coach's intentions?

This leads to the next question..

How do you know that the teacher/coach's intentions are right?

Because, if the intention is wrong, then your learning might be influenced and lead to a totally different conclusion.. get what I'm saying?

Knowlegde is very powerful.. and the wrong understanding and application would be very dangerous!

A wise sensei once said "The right tool given to the wrong man will always be used the wrong way!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

Blast form the past...

Was flipping through Harian Metro yesterday and saw this...

Hmm.... reminded me of this...

beliaaaa... hehe..

I do admit that Feminin played a major part in my youth.. those were the days...

sensei - once a fan, always a fan! ;)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Just another day in paradise..

So, it's now 2008....

Hmmmm... if you look at it from another angle, it's just another day in life.. only because we follow the current westernized calendar, and based on that method of counting, this day is supposed to mean something & needs to be celebrated... what if we were to count 365 (minus the 0.25 days) starting from another day of another month, than 1st of January would be meaningless except for those who's birthday falls on this day.. and to some people living in the high mountains of Tibet or the deep rain forest of Amazon, they might not even care that it's 2008.. to them it might be year 20,008 or 208 for that matter.. who knows..

The point is.. we all get hyped about numbers.. don't be an Angka-Sawan when we should be an Angkasawan.. you don't need 'yearly' resolutions that will never be achived, try to go on the simple mode of gettings small things done daily that mounts up to a bigger picture.. For example, you don't have to aim to 'go for an overseas vacation in 2008' but you may want to look at how you spend daily in order for you to have a savings of RM10,000 and get to go on that vacation by Xmas 2008 (which falls on a Thursday, so maybe you'd like to finish of work in advance too so you can take leave on Friday 26th and continue up to Awal Muharram which is on Monday, 29th Dec 2008).. get what I'm trying to say? ;)

With that in mind, I wish you all a good 366 days ahead!!