Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As per..

Salam Aidilfitri
Moga kecekalan hati dalam perjuangan diri
sentiasa menjadi aspirasi
Salah silap selama ini jangan diulangi
agar hidup terus diberkati..
see you on the flip side ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Things happen for a reason..

Before I continue, I must say that in order for this post to make sense, you must view both videos fully and in order.. ok? :)

This is "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" by Def Leppard from their 2nd studio album High 'n' Dry released in 1981. Pay close attention to the members as you listen to the song..

For those who may not know, this was one of their signature ballad that help them penetrated US.. it was co-writen by 3 of the band members Joe Elliott, Pete Willis & Steve Clark.. the band parted ways with Willis approximately 1 year after the album was released (I'm not sure if it was him in the video) and Phil Collen stepped in his shoes to continue work on their 3rd album right after..

But a bigger tragedy striked the band in December 31, 1984 when the band's drummer Rick Allen was involved in a car accident and lost his left arm.. However, he never gave up the role and the band stood behind him.. Def Leppard released Hysteria in 1987 which became their monster hit album.. they still continued to perform and this was taken from their 1988 Hysteria World Tour.. see if you can feel the difference of weightage the same song has brought this time around..

That's probably the last time you'd be able to catch their lead guitarist Steve Clark performing live as he died on January 8, 1991..

And yes, Mariah Carey covered this song in one of her albums with Dave Navaro on guitars..

But the point is - bad things happen for a reason.. and more often than not, the reason is to make you stronger when you bounce back from it.. I feel that the song was much better in the 2nd clip and possibly due to the new arrangements to compensate for Rick's condition and Willis' absence..

You see, if you open up your mind you can use your weaknesses to your advantage.. all you need to do is stop dwelling on the negativity.. ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So easy yet so hard..

Today I learned the secret to career advancement..
1) Do what you are asked to do
2) What you don't know, you learn
3) What you know, you teach
That's it! Simple right??

But in reality, people don't do that..

We find ways to not do what we're supposed to do.. we give excuses.. we create reasons for self limitations.. we dwell in petty arguments..

We also don't put in effort to find out things.. we don't even ask.. we assume and keep at it.. we don't see the bigger picture.. we think it's a burden..

We don't share because we fear.. fear of losing the upper hand.. fear that we'll become irrelevant.. we fear that someone can take over our place because we don't see ourselves moving fast enough.. a wise sensei once said, "It is when you have fear, you will never find peace"..

Time to change.. and get to where you want to be.. or else just stay but don't complain la.. ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Realization: Time management

I've been working with this company for 1 year 6 months exactly today..
We specialize in time management.. I thought I understood the concept, but now I realize my understanding was wrong as I had missed 1 critical element..

The problem I had was I took time for granted.. I always thought time was infinate.. so there was no awareness towards sense of urgency.. the sense of urgency only arises when faced with a time limit -- deadlines..
In other words,

People only becomes conscious of resources when it's limited

Note: Resources = Man, Machinery, Money, Material, Time

So, in managing time, you must always put a limit and review it.. example, on daily basis, consider you have 16 hours (8 hours for good sleep) and then plan your day the night before.. it creates the sense of preciousness to your day.. then look at your weekly plans, monthly plans, mid term plans (current 3 months), long term plans (current year).. but the key is to take out the time you won't have 1st.. example - holidays, leaves, etc..

Basically its like knowing you only have a 1 litre jug.. you can't bring back the whole ocean even if you know it's there at your disposal..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lucky? be greatful..

I hear this song for the first time on radio this morning...
It made me smile..
With all the 5hit that's been going around town lately, sometimes we just need a reminder that we should all be greatful for what we have.. ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A student learns once, the teacher learns twice..

It's funny sometimes how people react towards new challenges..
Sometimes it's easy for us to give our two cents worth, but in the moment of truth, do we really practise what we preach?

To be honest, I don't think I do.. and that is something I need to work on fast..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This one I must share..

I read about ways to enhancing afternoon naps the other day, and 1 of the method was to drink coffee before taking a 20 minute snooze..

The logic behind it is that research has shown that caffeine in the coffee takes about 20 minutes to kick in.. and in the first 23 minutes of sleep is when your body actually goes to rest before entering the the deep sleep cirle..

So, by doing this you actually double the effect of a power nap!

I've been having trouble staying awake after buka puasa so I gave it a shot.. and for the last 2 nights it has worked!! I could finally do my work until 1am and still wake up for sahur at 5am and even continue the day like normal..

Maybe you guys who face the same problem as me could give it a try.. ;)

Key note: Wake up before you go to R.E.M. mode..

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Today I went for a hot-air baloon introduction session with my colleague..

We were supposed to go there and see how this can be included in our future teambuilding programs..

FJ: It's pretty safe to fall..

BJ teaching us the ropes

Stretch it out kids

Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

Up up and away..

Don't look down on me!

But to my suprise, the session was coverd by Channel V for their request show Remote Control!


Question: Do you have a working permit Sir??

They went inside the baloon

Not just that, Marion picked us to go up to ride the hot-air baloon with her, and we get to be 'On Air' too! :)

Producer Eva calling the shots

Ready to fly??

Man, this is soooo hot!! -- the burner on top of us that is..

one for the road

Group shot: Flame on!!


Friday, September 05, 2008

1 week later...

It's been a week since Avril's concert at Stadium Merdeka..
Amongst all the newspaper reviews that I read, I think the Star said it the best..
Considering all the restrictions given to Avril & the organizers, I guess they managed to pull off a good show.. Just imagine, no screaming, no jumping, no running and no loud sound system.. I mean, what rock concert is that la?

Note to Malaysian journalist doing reviews: Do your homework!! Don't just simply write what you see..

Anyways.. these are some 'goodies' I brought back.. Enjoy!!

Even the hotel supported the show ;)

The moment finally arrives..

Why go and make things so complicated?

By the way that was not me singing ok..

So much for my happy ending :)