Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ask long enough and the answers will come...

Last posting I left off with a question wondering when will the day come that we would be comfortable enough to communicate honestly.

Today, a glimpse of the answer came when a wise sensei said "Only when you are honest with yourself, will you liberate others"..

I paused for a while... and then something triggered me to what I've been taught before, which goes something like "God will not change the fate of a society until the society changes what is within themselves"

By connecting the dots, I now understand that to generate an evolution towards honest communication, I must first start to communicate honestly.. I must be comfortable with my own insecurities/weaknesses and get pass that before it catches on to others and honest communication can take place..

Can it be done? YES..
Will it be hard? SURELY..
But it's a cause that I believe is right and I want to fight for.. insyaallah I will succeed someday.. ;)

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