Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back in the Saddle

I just found out that the greatest band on Earth has a new CD out!!

I know it's not a new album but they've recorded 2 brand new songs on it.. title track "Devil's Got A New Disguise" and "Sedona Sunrise".. I haven't heard of it yet (must buy it A.S.A.P, I respect them too much to download the CD) but I bet that the latter is a signature power ballad.

Now the thing is, Aerosmith has never failed me in giving me motivation to perform ever since my dad passed away in March 1999.. I remember sending him (my dad) a video of my 1st Collage karaoke contest footage (actually lost that one) and he was really happy to see me do my stuff on stage. I heard he even showed it to visiting relatives. :)

Back to Aerosmith.. I'd always try to get my inspiration from Steven Tyler and it never failed. They're release timing is always on the dot, especially when I need that little shove.. and this year, as I prepare for my first live band performance (details on the band later) since 'kakujikentou' back in winter 2000, I'm happy to get the OK que in a form of this 'best of' album. Although the band won't play any AERO tunes (if you can't do it justice, don't bother.. kan?), I'll be sure to give it my best.. I'M BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN BABE!! YEAHHHH.. hehe..

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