Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Something came up.. crap!! :P

I was thinking about writing something else, but this thing came up and I just had to address is first.

I'm someone who takes pride in what I do.. no matter if its related to my daily job or even something I do as a hobby.. I like to tell my family and friends of my 'achievements'.. So, when my book came out I was really REALLY happy about it.. It one of my first and biggest accomplishment.. I gave out free copies around just to share that sense of happiness + a pinch of pride..

But today, I'm somewhat frustrated by it.. actually I'm frustrated at the quality of the job that the publishing company did.. well, let me just list down my frustration..

1. I met them in March, they wanted to launch the book before the World Cup (June).. They said the publication process takes about 2 weeks, so I had to rush finish writing it.

2. Midway, they had this 'idea' to bring in a big name from the local soccer scene to help with promotions..

3. Upon completion of writing (around 2nd week of May), they said they wanted to postpone the launch AFTER the World Cup Finals (July)..

4. They also wanted the soccer celebrity to be the co-author of the book with partial share of the writer's royalty..

5. Title of the book was changed from my "Antara Pen & Bola" to "Cemerlang & Menang Cara Bola Sepak" - the chief got the inspiration after taking a bath :P

6. Book cover came out, my name was on the 2nd line and almost half the size of the other guy.. they also opt to not use the picture of us shaking hands..

7. One month after the book was launched, the managing editor who was responsible for pulling me in, resigned from the company.. We had a few other 'title/projects' in the works at that time..

8. All promotion plans was scrapped.. no reasons given or should I say know one actually knew what was the plan..

9. Three months after launch, I saw the book finally made it to MPH Alamanda.. it was already on the 30% discount list..

9. Few weeks later, I got a call saying that they had misplaced the original agreement which was signed sometime in June..

10. Following this, they asked me to fill in the writer's details form again..

And today, I found out that the editing job done on the book did more harm than good.. Hmmm.. I'm not someone who likes to criticize things that I don't have sufficient knowledge of but it really boils my blood to see 'professionals producing amature level work quality'. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to them for giving me the chance.. but.. for a company that produces hundreds of titles a year (and not to mention some of them are the nation's bestseller) to waste such an opportunity to come out with an brand new 'out of the box product' like this is.. is well.. there's just no excuse.. time? they had plenty.. experience? they've been at it for years.. passion? they motivated me to do my part.. attitude? well, didn't see anyone frowning during the launching ceremony..

My point here is.. If this is an example of how a 'local champ' do their job, I'm worried how they would really fare in an opened global market.. Are we, MALAYsians truely ready...? With the 50th Merdeka celebration coming next year.. you guys tell me laa..

P/S: The 'soccer celebrity' was really a nice guy.. I really respect him..


Inaesb said...

I would be absolutely infuriated. First the contract was totally one-sided with the other party subject to so much discretions. Further, the promises are downright oppresive. To make it worse, big name sells, I suppose, which would mean you get less cover and a smaller font. 'Antara Pena dan Bola' sounds much better to me, and would have caught my attention instead of the "Cemerlang & Menang Cara Bola Sepak". Have you considered taking legal action against them?

On another note, I would keep a lookout for your book the next time I'm in a bookstore. Also, congratulations on your book publication. I is my dream too to be able to have a book to call my own with my name written on the cover. :P

zErA'shErE said...
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zErA'shErE said...


i think i know which event u're talking bout..and e publishing co. too.

to be perfectly honest (thou am not an expert on diz), e launching ceremony was really YUCKS..~ they cud do zillions of time better IF only they put more effort to it. ni x, mcm melps batuk di tangga jer.
common sense lar..xkan wat launching camtuh when there's e media doing their coverage.

idea to bring in e "soccer celebrities" 4 e promotion is very clever actually TAPI xpandai nak fully utilised. plus..u're e author tp tht time, they made u look like pak pacak.. (-_-)

if i get to choose, i'd always go for "antara pen dan bola"..never e title they're using now. "Antara Pen dan Bola" sounds catchier.. easier to attract readers from all level of age.

but on a different note, i would like to congratulate u for ur book publication. hopefully u'll be luckier next time..insyaAllah. jangan serik lak nak menulis lagi and PLZ try using a different publishing co.

*sO sOrRy for being painfully honest"